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More Disco alignments


I’m rewatching “Red angel” and i had completely forgot about Spock’s Thot Suit™


Michael Burnham moodboard


Michael, thinking very earnestly, maybe I will go 900 years into the future


Sylvia Tilly in DSC “Light and shadows”.


I have watched no Star Trek Discovery but the most important takeaways from it, according to my dash, seem to be:

  • Sarek is Bad At Parenting 
  • Star Trek…..with good special effects? what?????
  • Everyone would die for Michael
  • mushroom man
  • the shape of Doug Jones’ backside was an essential production decision
  • LET STAR TREK SAY FU- oh wait they actually said it
  • everyone would die and kill and maim for Tilly

Why is the Discovery bridge so large? Everyone is supposed to work together (at times) but even Owosekun and Detmer sits two miles apart at the front.

In real life the Captain would have to scream every order, particularly if it’s a noisy combat situation.

There’s people out on the edges and then there’s just five people stationed out on the floor, like little islands.