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I was mistaken btw, it’s not Michael the one that’s floating in the symbiont pools in the S3 trailer, but rather this character

they also have no spots, but they could have a Trill ancestor. @fluffywinged rightly pointed out to me that according to Enterprise, in the distant future there are many people whose ancestry is a mix of a lot of different alien species.

(I’m also wondering if this character is the one for whom they were casting nb actors)

I love that Owosekun’s edges are shaved to a traditional Starfleet point.

You’re forgiven if you just never noticed that all Starfleet sideburns has the same point.

Where is my obligatory “The Discovery team travels back in time to 2019” episode???


Spock in “If Memory Serves” | Star Trek Discovery




Original Pike did not have dad energy.

All that dad energy was Anson Mount going into the role thinking “I’m gonna make him feel like the personification of a hug”.


Spock: My Sister and I Have Done Nothing Wrong, Ever, in Our Life
Me: I know this and I love you

Here’s something I didn’t think about until this very moment:

Spock says there’s no record of there being a mutiny. Because the records have been erased. He’s not saying he doesn’t know about any mutiny.

So Spock is technically not lying and his self image is intact.



star trek: short treks | teaser

I’d just like to point out SPOCK’S EYESHADOW


at least michael can see that spock listened to her advice