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ugh in general (idk if u like chatting qbt picard but) i worry abt the amount of focus we get on picard & throwbacks compared to really taking advantage of fleshing out a new story and new characters/ideas. AND like picard within this context. But also u were talking before abt elnor and i rly feel like he has so much potential and it makes sense to give him focus and importance like as a key figure picard left behind but also a young new character who has his life ahead of him! So we can

establish someone new in this world that is crumbling, someone connected to picard’s past, but also someone seeing the worls through fresh eyes even though it may appear dull or lacklustre to others… he offers such an important insight and like just jhhh… i love him give him more screentime😭😭😭😭 (sorry anyway xbxjxjjd) 

I KNOW. YOU’RE SO RIGHT. what’s really striking to me about picard is that every single character has been chewed up and spit out by the world, and even if people such as picard are still hopeful, they’re all still incredibly haunted and jaded.

ELNOR IS NOT. he’s experiencing the wonder of the galaxy for the first time! he’s excited and hopeful and optimistic! he’s out here on this classic bildungsroman-type journey, which is a perfect way to contrast these other much more haunted characters. he should be at the narrative forefront of this show!!

i really liked the new ep and i really hate to be this person but if they don't start upping elnor's screen time i can't be held responsible for my actions (also how come he couldn't have a feathery hat or an eyepatch let that child LIVE)

OH I KNOW. everybody’s got like individual narratives so far except elnor. i mean experiencing the galaxy for the first time is such a wonderful character set-up, and i feel like it’s only been used for comedic effect so far. ALSO YEAH WHY DIDN’T THEY GIVE ELNOR A CAPE. WHY DID THEY NOT GIVE HIM A SPARKLY CAPE. JUSTICE FOR MY BOY!!

one of my fav moments of the episode was when elnor was like “i dont have anyone to be :(” and picard was like “be elnor! 🙂 !”


who’s star trek picard i only know elnor :/

elnor is a master sword fighter teenage boy raised by a bunch of BRUTALLY emotionally honest nuns and he is an ANGEL and i would DIE for him


just remembered elnor. maybe i will watch picard

Elnor watching The Lord of The Rings

the elf is best character, obviously

elnor is babey