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Oh boy it’s a post about Shrancher again kids buckle up

I doubt that Andorians have wedding rings and Archer knows this but thinks Shran must have figured out at least what it means by cultural osmosis. But then he tries to give him a ring and Shran is like “Pinkskin have you ever known me to wear jewelry. Thanks I guess. Anyway here is my ceremonial family Ushaan” cuz he’s been planning a proposal too and they are both really confused but happy to get gifts from their boyfriend because they’re really oblivious but in love and then Hoshi is like “when did you two get engaged” and they’re both like what



I always block out that Archer and T’Pol were supposed to be a thing in season 1. The writers literally TIE THEM TOGETHER and there is still no chemistry there.  

Ok they DID THAT

I wonder if Blalock and Bakula were really strongly against their character being together? Because these moments, like being tied together, forced to share blankets, T’Pol’s boobs in Archer’s face, are all obviously designed to create romantic tension. But they always play them cleanly with serious dialogue, without glances or emotions or touches.

I feel like that’s either due to acting choices or a lack of communication between the writers room and the directors.

I picture these two as friends and they always come across as friends. It kind of does the opposite of what the writers intend, actually? All those opportunities to sexualize T’Pol and what you get is Archer happily huddling for warmth with a colleague. 

Eventually they had to literally write an episode where he explicitly talk about her boobs and it comes across so out of character.

I always block out that Archer and T’Pol were supposed to be a thing in season 1. The writers literally TIE THEM TOGETHER and there is still no chemistry there.  

Uh, I’m watching the Enterprise episode Silent Enemy. Its kind of a fun b-plot when Hoshi tries to get to know something about Malcolm but it’s also… uh.

At first in the episode Archer emphasizes to Hoshi how important it is they get a communications relay up and running. Then he orders her (his only female senior officer aside from T’Pol) to stop doing her (meaningful and important) job and call everyone Malcolm has ever known to figure out what his favorite food is.

He wouldn’t exactly ask Trip to drop his work with the engines to do some menial task the Captain has suddenly figured out he wants done.

You get a smell of the 60’s, suddenly.

Silik is like “Alright John, I’m heading out”. 


“I wanted to tell her right then, but I couldn’t”


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I recently watched the Yesterday’s Enterprise” episode on Amazon Prime. It’s one of the best in the entire series. But it triggered a question that I thought a Star Trek fan out there might know the answer.

  • NCC 1701 – the original Enterprise was destroyed (after 40 years of service) in “The Search for Spock”.
  • NCC 1701-A – this replacement was finished by the next movie “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home”. (In movie time probably less than a year, in real time between movies 2 years; per Wikipedia it was decommissioned after only 7 years).
  • NCC 1701-B – this ship debuted in “Star Trek Generations”. Wikipedia places the date as 2293 and decommission or destroyed after 32 years.
  • NCC 1701-C – this is the “Yesterday’s Enterprise”. Wikipedia states this ship debuted in 2232. It was destroyed in 2244 by the Romulans at Klingon outpost Narendra (after 12 years of service).
  • NCC 1701-D – this Next Generation ship debuted in 2363 and was destroyed after only 8 in 2371 (Star Trek Generations – in real time roughly 7 or 8 years).
  • NCC 17011-E – debuted in 2372 in “First Contact” (one year later but 2 years in real time).

So finally – is there a in canon reason why there was a 19 year delay been the destruction of C and the debut of D (in the STNG pilot).

  • Every other time a new Enterprise was built within a couple of years (if not immediately) after the destruction of the prior ship. (The “Yesterday’s Enterprise” episode was broadcast roughly 2.5 years after the pilot. In the story they state that the C ship was destroyed 22 years earlier. So this is a 19 year gap between ships.)
  • Also, the Enterprise B stayed in service 32 years. Her captain Harriman was depicted as incompetent in “Generations” but he must have done something right or those were very peaceful years for the Federation.