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have this wonderful image of ethan peck trying on the spock helmet


James Fran & Ethan Peck @ STLV 2019.

( 📸 by me )


Anson Mount politely informing the interviewers why his childhood make-believe game about TOS couldn’t have included Pike – NYCC 2018 interview with Anson Mount and Ethan Peck


Yet another one of Ethan Peck’s Star Trek themed t-shirts. I wonder if he bought like 50 at once at a garage sale.



Ethan’s con T-shirt’s that is all



the fact that this photo exists


the boys with a true living legend


I don’t know what’s better- the fact that Anson posted this meme or that Ethan commented on it


Ethan Peck and Anson Mount hanging out with the kiddos at the Calgary Expo!!

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Star Ethan Peck Reveals How Leonard Nimoy’s Family Helped Him Play Spock:

You met with the Nimoy family last summer before you started filming. What was that experience like?

“It was really special. I found out the week before that I had gotten the job. I was overwhelmed. I was still in shock the following week. I was curious to meet them, and CBS arranged a time for us to get together. Leonard Nimoy’s children were so open, kind and welcoming. They were very there for me and curious about what my plans were for my preparation. We spoke about how Nimoy prepared. It was one of the first steps to feel worthy of doing this.”