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i love that the dax symbiont so clearly gives 0 shits about the reassocation taboo

jadzia “big klingon energy” dax: i would give up everything for us to be together again

ezri “this might as well happen” dax: it doesn’t count if you do it in a cave

Ds9 is a very serious show about serious topics.


Ezri Dax Week was a fantastic idea and I’m sorry that this is all I had time to contribute


Ezri Dax Week – October 14th-21st

Today (2018/09/30) marks 20 years since season 7 of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine debuted with the episode Image in the Sand. It’s also the 20th anniversary of Ezri Dax’s first appearance on the show, and I think this requires some celebration. So, I’d like to announce that the week between October 14th-21st is going to be Ezri Dax Week, dedicated to make and share content for the ninth host of the Dax symbiont!

Why on October 14th-21st?

The first Ezri-centric episode of DS9, Afterimage, aired on October 14th, 1998! And also, I’m hoping this event will gain some traction in the meantime. The more the merrier!

How to participate

very simple – you just need to post content that is about Ezri during
the week between 14th-21st October. All kinds of content are welcome – fic,
fanart, edits, gifs, meta/analysis, playlists – as long as it has Ezri
as the focus (of course other characters can also appear, but Ezri has
to be at the center).

There is going to be a theme per day during the week:

  • Day 1 (Oct. 14) – Favorite quote
  • Day 2 (Oct. 15) – Favorite relationship (platonic)
  • Day 3 (Oct. 16) – Favorite relationship (romantic)
  • Day 4 (Oct. 17) – Favorite out-of-uniform outfit
  • Day 5 (Oct. 18) – Favorite episode
  • Day 6 (Oct. 19) – Headcanons day
  • Day 7 (Oct. 20) – Mirror!Ezri day
  • Day 8 (Oct. 21) – Free day

I will check both the #ezri dax tag and the #ezridaxweek tags, or alternatively you can tag me in your post and I will reblog it.

If you have any questions feel free to send me a message or an ask!

(A big thank you goes to @freyacrescennt for the help with the themes and the amazing gifs at the top of this post!)

Reblogs are greatly appreciated!


Ezri Dax in “Afterimage”.




There is no other character in Star Trek whose existence is still called into question as often as Ezri Dax and I’m so tired of it. Nothing about her seems to be good enough! The fact that’s she’s joined to Dax, the fact that she’s a woman, the (imo understandable) confusion she goes through wrt Worf, the way she tried to help Garak… and I could go on. There is just no way Ezri can win and if you read her tag on tumblr there is so much whining and so little content.

I love Ezri. And not because I don’t love Jadzia (as I’m sure it’s evident to anyone who’s read one of my posts), but actually because I do. Imo Ezri is, in many ways, Jadzia’s legacy; not the children she wanted, but still a legacy. I think Ezri is a lot stronger and more badass than people give her credit for. I think she’s absolutely the right match for Dax, despite the way she was joined, because like Jadzia before her she is resilient, has a big heart and is loyal to a fault. And she shows all this while struggling with a situation she was completely unprepared for, and trying to adapt to an entirely new identity.

This is probably going to be controversial but at this point I don’t care anymore: I think people dislike Ezri because she is in a difficult situation and struggles and is therefore very far from the (perceived) perfection any woman in Star Trek should display. And I hate that. I identify with Ezri and her nervousness and sarcasm and her uncertainty and her mistakes; the way she began to recover and rebuild her life when she found a community she knew she could trust; the way she stubbornly managed to make her previous lives become something useful to her and not only a disruption of her day-to-day life.

Yes Ezri isn’t perfect. She’s a work-in-progress, a young woman trying to rebuild her life, faced with high expectations and a mind that’s almost always working against her. That’s exactly why I love her, and when you try to change something about her and say ‘it would’ve been better this way’ I inevitably think of how little compassion is usually given to women who fail to embody the arbitrary ideal of perfect womanhood. I can’t help but think that Ezri’s existence is put into question because so many people can’t conceive that such a complex, imperfect woman could exist. But I can guarantee that we do. And like Ezri, we’re just doing our best and slowly recovering, regardless of what you think.

Oh thank you for this post, I am also so tired of all those posts that always wish Ezri was different or how they didn’t like Ezri. Ezri Dax is as deserving as the Dax symbiont as Jadzia was and they’re both wonderful.


I spent way too much time on this

Concept: A B-plot in a ds9 episode where everyone make different dishes so Ezri can figure out what she likes.

Sisko makes beets. She hates it now but she can’t tell him.

Kira brings hasperat.

Odo doesn’t really get food so he brings gravy.

Quark brings alcohol and tries to make Ezri pay for it.

Miles brings some horrible potato dish that is “authentically Irish” and is only saved from social shunning by Keiko intervening with her algae dish.

Worf brings fresh Bregit lung but refuses to say where he got the lung from.

Julian panics and orders something that sounds nice from the replicator so he brings a suspiciously lively bowl of Andorian butterfly soup that everyone refuses to eat.


It would have been great if Ezri Dax, newly joined and unsure about literally everything in her life from what she likes to eat to her own name, could have had a storyline in DS9 season 7 that wasn’t so heavily focused on who she would date.

She deals with the Worf situation, get over him and goes from him to Julian like there isn’t even an option in between where she could idk – not date anyone??? Figure out her pronouns? Taste every dessert in the replicator until she finds what she likes now?

I mean, give the girl some space.

I guess I feel the same way about Ezri as I do about Seven of Nine, in this case. It would have been amazing actually exploring someone rediscovering ordinary things like food, friendship, emotions, dislikes and likes. 

Imagine season 7 of Ds9 where Ezri instead of dealing with Garak’s emotions or Worf’s emotions or Julian’s emotions, deals with figuring out herself

Imagine Seven’s storylines centering around her handling and learning all the intricacies of being human for the first time. What food does she like? What clothes does she like to wear? What is showering? And none of it focuses on dating, because she shouldn’t be forced into that gender role before she can CHEW FOOD.