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Messy 10 minute/5 minute doodlin’. I have yet to watch the last episode lmao.



“The other thing that was very important to me was finding a way to tell this story so that fans and non-fans alike could understand that were it not for his sister, Spock could not fully actualize himself with Kirk. When they say goodbye, she says, “I want you to find the person who is least like you,” and she’s obviously talking about Kirk. Spock takes that advice, and she’ll never know it.” – Alex Kurtzman


As a child, I was truly lost. The path of my father; the path of my mother. You came into our lives and you taught me it was possible to travel both. You found me. You saved me.


the way they’re using chess is just so *chef’s kiss* because it’s not just a game of logic if you play with the same person long enough, it becomes a way of communication, you’ll pick up cues about the other person’s mental state from their moves

first we have Michael building up the board – a desire to reconcile; then Spock destroys it as a form of rejection

only for him to build it up in this episode while he tells Michael, in essence, that they can do it together – it’s a reassurance, an expression of caring about her

playing against each other as they have probably done thousands of times in their childhood – an exercise in grounding, coming back to a same base of understanding, an exchange of emotions and thoughts

which also gives the games of chess we see in tos another layer of meaning, it becomes a way for Spock to communicate things he might have trouble expressing otherwise


Spock’s Vulcan logic training and human emotions seem to give him the psychological balance to comprehend my existence. And his dyslexia allows him to process the effects of atemporal dysplasia. In all of time, Spock may be the only person who can help me.


#when your baby brother wants to tag along


Amanda: Michael, I heard what happened. I am so sorry.

Michael: How did you hear?
Amanda: Spock.


I’m here on Saru’s orders. Now is not the time for recklessness.


“One that may very well enable us to save the future.”