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lorca, dying: but……it was our destiny to rule side by side!


lorca: then who IS the discovery’s captain in this universe??

michael: it’s tilly



I finally finished my Michael Burnham drawing and so my Star Trek Discovery gallery keeps growing and growing. 😃 Next will be Hugh Culber in the „unfinished“ colored style.
I was also asked to draw some other Jason Isaacs characters, which I do GLADLY, since I‘m a huge fan of him anyway! 👍
Stay tuned for more, guys. Hope you‘re having a great day! ❤️


Congratulations Jason Isaacs for winning Best Actor in a TV Series at the Empire Awards 2018

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I have a thing for Lorca. I’m writing this after watching the tenth episode and if he will turn out to be mirrorLorca, my thing for him would be even more bigger

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Star Trek: Discovery | 1×13 What’s Past Is Prologue


Gabriel Lorca > Star Trek: Discovery Season 1: Lethe

“Don’t take my ship away from me. She’s all I got.
Please, I’m begging you. You’re right.
It’s been harder on me than I let on.
I lied about everything, and I need help.”