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i saw the original and blacked out, and when I woke up I had created this

My dash did a thing.

Ds9 writers: Guess what Andy, you’re going to kiss someone on screen!

Andy Robinson:

Ds9 writers: It’s Ziyal!


I couldn’t resist doing a little, tiny manip.


 Bashir with his sleeves rolled up and an annoyed expression is what I live for (plus Garak hovering in the background)

Tired: Garak hit his head and went to see the ship’s doctor.
Wired: Garak purposefully banged his head into the wall so he would have an excuse to see Julian when he’s Like This.








i just remembered the best part of ds9′s ‘the wire’ is that Tain offered Julian tea, specifically how he takes it, and Julian’s all like “how do you know how i like my tea..?” and Tain’s all “i have………….connections” when we all know that the only two ways this actually happened is that a) Tain and Garak have weekly facetiming sessions that consist of Garak talking like a waterfall for 45 min about Julian while Tain is absorbed in his idk knitting or something, or b) Tain scrolled through futuregoogle trying to find Julian’s social media account and stumbled upon his spaceinstagram where he posts foodporn from every meal he has with fucky captions like “tarkalean tea~ my fav!! w/ just a drop of honey 😩💦☕️ bone apple teeth”

I favor the second one and obv the posts are also mostly, if often obliquely, about Garak?

Julian’s food porn posts include background-Garak and sometimes foreground-Garak, mid-bite. he then hacks Julian’s spaceinstagram and deletes any unflattering photos and Julian just can’t understand where his pics are disappearing to

i gather that some of the comments on this post are “but would Garak want to be talking to Tain that often? wouldn’t he more likely be facetiming Mila with that week’s gossip?” and you’re goddamn right. Garak has hour-long calls with Mila which Tain has tapped and listens in on while he knits

They’re all knitting. 

Tain’s knitting, Mila’s knitting, Garak’s knitting. They’re all super good at it. It’s not a Cardassian thing, or an Obsidian Order thing, it’s just a their family thing. 

It’s how Mila and Tain met. At a yarn shop. Yes, he was a rising star in the Obsidian Order at the time. She was a shopgirl. They bonded over knitting and then eventually Tain was like, listen, I can’t marry you because of my job but come be my ‘housekeeper’ and let’s have a baby so we can knit things for him.


i know they said no tng characters will appear in picard, but i for one see no reason these two can’t show up and bicker like the old married couple we all know they are