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garashir: a summary



“…so by that logic the whole second canto is obviously a veiled critique of Meroc’s appropriation of the Hebitian epic style for State propaganda purposes, and – uh – Garak?”


“Are you playing footsie?”

“What a charming term! I’m not familiar with it. But please do continue, Doctor – I’m eager to see how this fascinatingly wrongheaded analysis of yours will play out.”

“Hang on – I’m winning, aren’t I? I’m winning the argument, and you’re trying to distract me.”

“Whatever do you mean.”


Garak: says some freaky scary spy shit



I realized belatedly that this looks like a Progression of Fucks Given by Elim Garak, from ”ZERO FUCKS GIVEN to “FAR TOO MANY FUCKS FOR THIS LIZARD’S COMFORT” to “SISKO WOULD YOU STOP PUNCHING ME FOR LIKE ONE MINUTE”

…every time I look at it, the watermelon outfit gets a little worse.


The Forbidden Garak PIcs™





I think pretty much everyone hates how the writers did Ziyal’s interactions with Garak. I also hate it. He clearly should have assumed the role of godfather.

Because then we could have had at least a season and a half of him and Kira trying to simultaneously parent

 the same teenager with no resulting fatalities.

There could have been parallel scenes where they sit her down and are like “ok so the thing you need to understand about your father…”

Arguing over which over-arching method of self-preservation is the best.

Arguing about the appropriateness of accessories (I SPENT DAYS MAKING HER THAT DRESS THE EARRING IS RUINING IT)

The b-plot of an entire season could have been this sitcom

i love this post but in all honesty if garak ever complained about a bajoran earring ruining an outfit he would end up with kira’s hands rightfully around his throat 

it would happen exactly once and then get referenced at least three more times that season and twice the next

Garak and Kira teaching Ziyal the complete art of survival, combat, stealth and spying.
Remember that she grew up in a labor camp. Of course she already knows how to take care of herself. Garak and Kira would help her develop her skills.
I always felt that the naive girl they wrote Ziyal as didn’t at all mesh with how she was brought up. In reality, she and Kira would have lots more in common in that regard.

Every single scene with Ziyal and Garak would have worked better if he was a father figure and not a romantic interest.

Her father abandoned her. She is welcomed by neither Cardassia or Bajor. Neither is he. Doesn’t it seem a lot more likely that she would view him as a mentor? A surrogate father? Someone that can teach her about Cardassia without the tinted glasses and understand her longing for a place that doesn’t want her.


Julian: I don’t know what he wants!  To do spy stuff, I guess.