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anthony j crowley really showed up to a church in london to save aziraphale from nazis in his sharpest suit looking fresh af cause if it was the first time his crush was going to see him in 80 years, he sure as hell was going to look Good 


Anthony Janthony turning up after an eighty year nap to save his best friend.

This Pride month we’re getting Good Omens, a 6000 year slow burn. The most epic of love stories.

We are truly blessed 🙏🏽

Aziraphale/Crowley and Garak/Bashir parallels.



Aziraphale and Crowley look like a gay couple who just adopted a demon child tell me I’m wrong. JUST LOOK AT THEM. Is this not accurate or?

They also look like they’re walking out of court and ready to fight anyone who tries to give them a hard time.

When your dads hear someone bullied you at school.