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hoshi sato appreciation! – fight or flight

Uh, I’m watching the Enterprise episode Silent Enemy. Its kind of a fun b-plot when Hoshi tries to get to know something about Malcolm but it’s also… uh.

At first in the episode Archer emphasizes to Hoshi how important it is they get a communications relay up and running. Then he orders her (his only female senior officer aside from T’Pol) to stop doing her (meaningful and important) job and call everyone Malcolm has ever known to figure out what his favorite food is.

He wouldn’t exactly ask Trip to drop his work with the engines to do some menial task the Captain has suddenly figured out he wants done.

You get a smell of the 60’s, suddenly.

Mirror Hoshi Sato aboard the Defiant.

Ensign Hoshi Sato, Communications Officer on the NX-01

The solid wlw mlm friendship we deserved.
We got robbed.


i just need another hoshi but the time portal won’t give her to me 🙁


i got my hoshi!!



for @jewcoded

This takes me back to when I Bechdel tested Enterprise. Turns out there was like 2-4 minutes in total, per season, of conversation between women about something other than a man. 2-4 minutes

Why couldn’t we get more dialogue like this?

Hoshi works out 💪

Archer and Hoshi on the streets of San Francisco