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James Fran & Ethan Peck @ STLV 2019.

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A behind the scenes look at James Frain’s transformation into Ambassador Sarek. #transformationtuesday #StarTrekDiscovery

A behind the scenes look at James Frain’s transformation into Ambassador Sarek. #transformationtuesday #StarTrekDiscovery

Rainn Wilson Previews ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Episode 7 + Shazad Latif Talks Theories And More

“Sarek is fascinating, because he has a human wife. And through that process of interacting with a human and loving a human it’s given him an interesting perspective on how to raise his child.”  Olatunde Osunsanmi, co-executive producer and director

“He certainly has an affinity for humans, and a curiosity about humans, but now he’s beginning to be able to actually somewhat experience what a human feels.” ~Gretchen Berg, executive producer

TrekCore talks to James Frain at the Discovery Premiere!

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ adds new twist to human-Vulcan balance:

“He’s (Sarek) a loving and present figure, but he’s also distant and emotionally unavailable. That’s something that’s of our time, but he’s trying to teach her the value of that. He has a tremendous affection for her,” Frain says.  

“Being a fully human woman who is indoctrinated with the Vulcan philosophy and way of life and who now (is in) Starfleet … there’s quite an identity crisis going on,” Martin-Green says. “Who am I going to be?”

DISCOVERY Premiere Interviews: Michelle Yeoh, Ted Sullivan, Sonequa-Martin Green, and James Frain | TrekCore Blog:

“I just want to the fans to see it, because they’ve been waiting in anticipation for so long. Know that we did it with great love and we did the best that we can and I’m sure you will enjoy it.” ~Michelle Yeoh

“Looking forward to them actually seeing the show instead of theorizing about the show. I’m really excited for them to see the themes and stories that we’re trying to tell.” ~Ted Sullivan

“We’ve been able to talk around it, but I’m so excited to get into the nitty and gritty.” ~Sonequa Martin-Green

Trekcore: What are you looking forward to fans seeing the most out of the things being revealed tonight?

“Out of the first two episodes, Sonequa Martin-Green’s incredible performance.” ~James Frain

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