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Remember that time when Julian thought that his great-grandmother might have served aboard the Enterprise?  Well I am 1701% sure that this was his great-grandfather.

My headcanon about this is that while, obviously, Julian is not his own great-grandfather, his great-grandparents met because of him.  Lieutenant Watley was indeed charmed by this lovely dork she saw briefly in the turbolift, and goes looking for him later.  She thinks she’s found him, but wait… no, it’s not the same man, is it?  Then this guy sees her staring at him, and his face lights up in a huge, goofy grin.  Lieutenant Watley blinks a bit.  It is him.  Surely there can’t be two grins in the galaxy like that.  She’d thought for a second… but, after all, she had only seen him for a moment in the turbolift…

She goes to say hello, she’s glad to see him again, and he doesn’t want to admit he can’t remember meeting her before, so he plays along, and they end up talking about science for hours, and he’s late for his next duty shift and his workmates tease him about it, but he’s walking on air anyway, because she asked him to dinner, and the rest is history.



garashir: a summary


“…so by that logic the whole second canto is obviously a veiled critique of Meroc’s appropriation of the Hebitian epic style for State propaganda purposes, and – uh – Garak?”


“Are you playing footsie?”

“What a charming term! I’m not familiar with it. But please do continue, Doctor – I’m eager to see how this fascinatingly wrongheaded analysis of yours will play out.”

“Hang on – I’m winning, aren’t I? I’m winning the argument, and you’re trying to distract me.”

“Whatever do you mean.”


Julian Bashir + NYT Minus Context (Part I, Part II)


Julian “Confused Puppy” Bashir in Move along home,


Garak: says some freaky scary spy shit



Ds9 is a very serious show about serious topics.



I started watching a ds9 episode I could hardly remember and then I realized it’s Chrysalis which makes me so uncomfortable I’ve only watched it once. So that’s why.

Chrysalis wasn’t a good idea then and it certainly hasn’t aged well either.

I think they did Julian’s character a real disservice.

Season 1 Julian is a bit careless with the boundaries of women but then he changes and it’s easy to accept it as part of growing up. When he then really goes too far in season 7 it feels like it negates part of that journey for him.

He should know better by then. They frame his very inappropriate relationship as him being lonely, as though he at that point can’t help himself but project allover his pretty patient.

I think that up to that point they had established Julian as someone that could do anything for his patients, even put himself at great risk. With the Jem’Hadar, the planet of the Quickening and in a hospital during a war.

So I feel like it’s out of character (for season 7 Julian) to then have a narrative where Julian clearly puts his own needs way ahead of his patients, to the extent that he risks the patient’s recovery. Which is what he does when he begins a relationship with a girl freshly out of a cataplectic state.