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bones: well fiddlesticks!! that really ruffles my feathers!
jim, crying: please just say fuck

Kirk: My boyfriend is wonderful. I listen to everything Spock says. I don’t mean he bosses me around, I just listen to everything he says because before I had a boyfriend, I never had someone who’s always standing next to me and can just point out obvious things that are happening.
Kirk: Like we’ll be in a restaurant and Spock will be like, ‘You ordered your food an hour ago. It should be here by now.’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah, it should!’ It’s like having a lawyer for everyday life. He’ll be like, ‘That bus driver shouldn’t talk to you in that way.’ And I’m like, ‘No, he shouldn’t!’
Kirk: Before I had a boyfriend, I had no standard of how I should be treated as a human being.

kirk, after spock walks by: wow im fucking gay
bones: he says as if its news













how bad would it be for the triumvirate if they had to raid your wardrobe for disguises during a stay in the 21st century?

…well, that got out of hand fast for a small sketch

They would look better than me…

here are my two cents :’)

May there be endless wardrobes for these three!

Just so much fun with this clothes thing, welcome to my

I hope this is ok I join this 😀

*shows up 15 min late with vintage cocktail dresses*

So, I just realized I wear a lot of pink and grey. Also, home is where the pants aren’t. =)

Took me awhile, but I got it finished!

this thread

*insert drawing of triumvarite all gothed up*

kirk: please peer pressure me into eating this salad
bones: do it or you’re straight
kirk: i said peer pressure not threaten

Kirk, anytime anything bad happens: Just to clarify. When I said I liked Shakespeare that was NOT an invitation to make my life a TRAGEDY

Kirk, to Bones: You are beautiful, your smile is breathtaking, but you have anger that makes you push yourself too hard, to the point where you lose focus and become difficult to work with.

Bones: Idiot!
Kirk: Stop yelling at me!!!!
Bones: Someone has to!

Kirk: I was just trying to give you something you’d never had!
Bones: An aneurysm??

Pike: Why do you want this job?
Kirk: People tell me that I’m beautiful on a daily basis. I used to be the prettiest one in my school. They call me a super model from the way I talk and present myself.
– two days later –
Kirk, barging into Starfleet Command: I don’t know, I just don’t think this is great for me. I don’t want to do it. I wanna go home. I can’t take the pressure of it.
Pike: Don’t you think any job is-
Kirk: [walks back out the door]