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Name: I.K.S. Voh’tahk

Class: D-7 Battlecruiser

Year: 2268

Crew: 440

Captain: Kang

Background: Returning from a Bat’leth tournament on Munjeb III when they picked up a distress call from the Blorth, one of the vessels that was at the tournament. They arrive at Beta XII-A and find that the Blorth has been destroyed, evidence suggesting the Starfleet ship in orbit was responsible. Massive explosions disable the Voh’tahk, irradiating much of the ship. The survivors converged on the command pod and from there Kang led a boarding party to the surface catching the Starfleet officers there by surprise. It was short lived as they were beamed back to the Enterprise, Klingons separated from the humans. The remaining Voh’tahk survivors were beamed aboard the Enterprise and the dying ship destroyed.

Appeared in Star Trek – Klingons: Blood Will Tell #4, IDW Comics, and the TOS episode The Day of the Dove. Previously covered here

Name: I.K.S. Vortha

Type: D7 Battlecruiser

Year: 2267

Affiliation: Klingon Defence Force

Captain: Kagh

Background: During the lead up to the Organian Conflict they were on patrol in disputed space. They picked up the Enterprise en route to Organia and intercepted the Starfleet vessel. They attacked the Enterprise but inflicted only minor damage. The Vortha was destroyed will all hands lost.

Appeared in Star Trek Klingons: Blood Will Tell #1, IDW Comics. Appeared in Errand of Mercy as an unnamed Klingon ship.


Name: I.K.S. K’Tanco

Type: K’Tinga-class Battlecruiser

Year: 2310

Captain: Kang

Background: Rendezvoused with the Enterprise-B at Qadyaq, a Klingon colony. The Starfleet vessel was on a relief mission coordinating with the Klingons there when they found out from the planetary governor that their aid was unnecessary, they were now thriving. Kang later found out from an colonial guard – Mazka – that the governor had turned to piracy and raiding neighbouring Klingon worlds, a dishonourable act. By the following morning, Mazka had slaughtered all four thousand inhabitants of the colony with nothing but his d’ktang. Kang believed the guard had done what had been needed in order to restore honour, even if Starfleet didn’t see it that way.

Appeared in Star Trek: Alien Spotlight: Klingons, IDW Comics

Lieutenant Worf, Son of Mogh, stands with his cha’DIch and Captain, in the Great Hall of the Klingon High Council.

Klingon officers aboard Chang’s prototype bird of prey.

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