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Miles *I like you more than I like my wife* O’Brien (good thing he and Keiko are just the centre of a massive polycule, isn’t it)

also @sigynpenniman can we talk about how Julian sits on that chair???

I would like to thank you profusely for bringing the way he is sitting to my attention because I have NEVER NOTICED BEFORE IN ALL THE TIMES I HAVE SEEN THIS SCENE

I have seen this 100 times and I have never actually clocked that the things his hands are resting on are his KNEES


What’s he got his feet on? Is he like…perched on that chair? I’m at work but I want to lighten that screenshot just so see that perch better.

I promise a lightened image later!

it looks like… he somehow managed to fold up his ludicrously lengthy legs… and balance his feet on the edge of the chair… sir, that cannot be starfleet protocol. you’re lucky it’s your best friend who loves you sitting opposite

(but yesss please lighter images! for research!!!)

UPDATE! I’m so tired I’m absolutely delirious and that seemed like a good time to do this!

Turns out brightening up the image really hammered home the absolute absurdity of that pose! I love him! So much! Ahhhh! Theoretically he has his feet on the edge of the chair but it’s more like he’s doing ballet stretches! I’m crying! I need to go to sleep! I love he! So fucking much!

love the use of the word “theoretically” here. We can accept that theoretically Dr Julian Bashir should be able to fold himself up like an ikea desk, but practically he’s a dork with legs too long to be contained for long

@michaelburnhamfanclub Garak and Worf??

i am right


Oh man this was a thing that hit me super hard recently

I read pretty much exclusively fantasy. It’s always been my favorite. Recently, I went from devouring things by Seanan McGuire to reading a ton by Brandon Sanderson, who honestly writes the best female characters out of any male author I have ever read, particularly in The Stormlight Archive, which I would say is about a 50/50 split. After that, I dove into the amazing works by Sarah J Maas, which is who I immediately thought of when reading OP’s post. So many strong, powerful women absolutely everywhere. It was amazing.

After that, I picked up another fantasy book that sounded pretty good and seemed right up my alley. Just couldn’t get into it. Couldn’t figure out why. After several chapters I realized that I had become so used to a normal amount of diverse female characters that going back to your typical ~4 men on an adventure just wasnt doing it for me anymore. And after thinking about it, my other favorite author, Jim Butcher, is good about having plenty of strong women in his books as well.

It really makes a huge fucking difference. I don’t think I’ll ever really be able to enjoy a fantasy book without plenty of women in it again, and honestly? Good riddance


It’s also so hard to understand why men write like this.

I know, in theory, that it’s because that’s how all the stories we read look like and that men have been taught women are extras in the stories of men. I know that it’s hard to question something ingrained in your way to relate to stories.

But in reality it’s hard for me to grasp how they aren’t questioning this when they’re writing.


Last week I finished a fantasy book by a female writer where women were everywhere. Now I’ve started reading a fantasy book by a man and jumping from one to the other really makes the difference so obvious.

In this book everyone is a man. Women appear here and there. Mostly as love interests, wives and mothers. I’ve read 300 pages and I don’t think there’s been an actual normal female character just existing unassociated with a man.

In the mean time 3 years have passed in the book and probably 50 male characters have appeared. Merchants, barkeepers, police men, street urchins, old friends, new friends… All men.

It’s the classic thing where everyone is a man if they’re not a woman. While in the book I read last week characters where probably 50/50.

I’m remembering now why it’s such a huge difference reading books by women. Particularly in fantasy. It’s like these male authors can’t imagine that women and men inhabit the same places. Instead they create these huge, imaginative, alien worlds that somehow must have a separate society where all the women are.

And it’s frankly quite embarrassing for them, you know? Women aren’t really weird or hard to write. You just gotta remember they are people.

Same on all of this! After reading books where women are present and written well I have trouble fully immersing myself in dude fantasy anymore. It’s like part of the spell is broken.

I grew up reading that kind of fantasy. It’s my first literary love, the place I escaped to as a child and that fueled my imagination.

But I also remember that when I wrote my own stuff as a kid I only wrote with male main characters because that’s the only way I could imagine stories being told. I hadn’t read almost anything that showed a woman as the protagonist so I couldn’t even imagine myself in the center of my own stories.

This is why I now look closely at the year the book was published before I pick it up. I know that the more recently it was written, the more likely it is to have female characters with agency.

This last year I’ve picked up Samantha Shannon, NK Jemisin, Octavia Butler, Ursula K Le Guin, Ada Palmer and Nnedi Okorafor and left the dude writers on the shelves to gather dust. As you said, good riddance.

If my calculations are correct, today’s post was the 1000th Spock picture posted here. Kind of fitting that today’s pic (by coincidental virtue of my rotation system) just happened to be from The Cage, the very first Star Trek episode filmed.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has liked, reblogged, followed (there are apparently over 6000 of you… wow), or even just come for a visit. You guys make running this blog a lot of fun.

I hope you’ll stick with me for the next 1000 days. In the meantime, here are the top 10 posts from the first 1000:


















A cute, age appropriate, healthy and logical ship: 

Harry Kim/Kes

Think about it – they both start out as very young and inexperienced. They then develop and mature. They both at a certain point want more responsibility, to be able to grow and move on, but feel stuck. That sense of frustration and lack of progress, like you’re ready to be something more but can’t, is something they both can understand and relate to. It makes sense that they would be drawn to each others company. 

Kes certainly can’t discuss this with Neelix, that unlike her has found the place he belongs. The same with Tom. They have wandered and been lost and Voyager is where they have been found. But with both Kes and Harry there’s frustration, ambition and a sense of not being done

This also has the added benefit of Kes forgetting old man Neelix by episode 2 (let’s call it pilot error).
Instead she goes on a holodeck date with a sweet ensign where neither one of them dare say a word at first but she gets a pink drink and he thinks her ears are cute and he makes a stupid joke that makes her laugh and by the end he walks her to her quarters and touches her hand and she can’t think of anything else for a week.

The more I think about this the cuter it gets!!

It would have made so much more sense for Harry to be interested in her than for Tom.

It’d just be so cute and wholesome?!?


The episode where Paris and Neelix are fighting over Kes and then get stuck on a planet together and end up bonding? There is a scene in the middle of the episode where Kes confides in Harry while the other two are away, and I was soooooooooooo hoping the episode would end with Kes taking a third option and going with him instead. It would have been the best ending! Like for all Tom and Neelix’s fighting, Harry was the one who actually came across as concerned for *her*.

Instead we got the ending where Tom basically concedes Kes to Neelix because he ~respects him now and, bleh.

I would have preferred an episode where Tom and Neelix comes back from resolving their petty feud and before any one of them can relay their joint decision on who gets to have her to Kes she puts on a pair of sunglasses, says “I’m off to holographic Risa with Harry” over her shoulder and leaves them standing there on the landing pad like the two fools they are.

I’m not sure I could stand to see harry’s heart broken though. Either she has the same arc as she did on the show and evolves (dies) or she ages much faster than him and dies much sooner. Either way, sad for Harry.

(Excuse the rant, I just feel a lot about this right now)

I prefer to think of their relationship as a journey. They both go into it knowing that it will end and since they already know that, they will enjoy every moment.

The Harry in the beginning of the series is not the same person as he is when Kes leaves. She would encourage his curiosity and ambition, fuel his sense of adventure and ground him in his role on Voyager. That is the person he could be if he was allowed to do that journey with someone.

As I write my fic of Harry and Kes I think of them both as dreamers. They want to travel further and see more. As they grow, they eventually realize they have to travel in different directions. The breakup is tragic, heartbreaking, but also inevitable.

When I think of Kes leaving I also think that Harry would be ready for it. They would both feel the tether stretching and eventually breaking. And he becomes a better person for it! He has loved deeply and dearly and cherised someone and seen her become someone new. And then he would let her go, but unlike with Abby he could say goodbye and know it was right.

star trek has a lot of what i like to call “ship triangles” which are pretty much the same thing as love triangles except it’s made up of ships that may or may not be canon. basically how a ship triangle works is that some fans ship characters a/b, others ship b/c, some ship a/c, and some even ship a/b/c. there are SO many of them in star trek, several even being made up of well known/popular ships, but absolutely NO other ship triangle will ever compare to mcspirk

mcspirk is such an iconic ship triangle that i’m pretty sure it gave birth to all other ship triangles. besides that, spirk, mckirk, spones, and mcspirk are all respected by a majority of the fandom. for the most part, shippers don’t fight amongst each other. do you realize how rare that is in a fandom? for most fans to not waste their time arguing about who a certain character “should” be with? that in itself is beautiful. anybody who ships any combination of jim/bones/spock, you’re doing amazing

the same cannot be said for other star trek ship triangles. janeway/chakotay/seven? nah. j/c is HUGE in the fandom and j/7 is pretty well respected as well. c/7 though? hated by the majority of the fandom despite the fact that it’s the one that’s canon. j/c/7 all together in a threesome is rarely, if ever, seen

archer/tucker/t’pol? same. the enterprise fandom is small but even they have mustered up some hate for archer/t’pol. i don’t see a lot of archer/tucker either, but that may be in part to the small size of the fandom. either way, it doesn’t hold a candle to mcspirk

don’t get me started on ds9. that’s just one big polyamorous clusterfuck as far as the fans are concerned. i could probably come up with 4 or 5 different ship triangles made up of popular ships. and even with all of those, ds9 did not make a threesome with a dynamic that could match mcspirk

now i’m not suggesting that the other star trek series’s needed to copy mcspirk’s dynamic or try to replicate it in some way, in fact they really shouldn’t try. i’m just saying that mcspirk is powerful and unmatched and the dynamic between the three of them is unique in all sorts of fascinating ways and they just had such CHEMISTRY like you don’t even need to ship them to see it. even if you just think of them all as friends you can still see how much they care about each other and how they fit together like pieces of a puzzle or like three sides to a triangle. they compliment each other in ways that serve only to strengthen them as a whole and no other show or set of characters or anything else will ever be able to replicate what they have and i think that’s beautiful

so why is sarek the most significant force in michael’s journey to subvert authority?

let’s get into this by going through everything we really know about their relationship

let’s start with the vulcan hello

this is a juicy, juicy episode when it comes to information on sarek and michael’s relationship. we first get a flashback scene to sarek essentially declaring that michael’s humanity impedes her education, which is a whole other bag of worms that i won’t get into right now, but what really makes it interesting is its contrast to the next scene they share

after the klingons start to gather, michael calls sarek for advice. it’s pretty clear that their relationship is strained right now, which we later learn is likely because of her rejection from the vulcan expeditionary force. when michael is a child, the first thing she says to sarek in the scene we saw is “i’m sorry. i can do better,” suggesting that learning vulcan (or becoming more vulcan) is the way to do this. in the scene in present day, sarek criticizes her mutualistic use of logic and emotion, and michael snaps back that emotion informs her logic. it is the first time we really see her lose her cool in an episode where her cool gets absolutely decimated.

it’s particularly important to note that we do not actually see sarek tell michael about the vulcan hello. what we do get is a conversation that basically goes like this

sarek: i don’t want to tell you

michael: oh you’re gonna tell me

sarek: it’s not going to work though

michael: do i look like i care what you think is gonna work rn

after he finally tells her, things really go south when she goes to confront georgiou about their course of action.

“starfleet doesn’t fire first, number one,” georgiou says, and she is clearly angry about needing to check michael’s behavior. she expects this to be the end of that.

but then michael says, “we have to.” everyone looks up in shock. the most shocked person, though, is definitely michael:


she did not mean to say that.

my argument here is that her conversation with sarek opened the gates for michael’s mutiny. in this episode, we see michael banter with georgiou and saru, but we never see her legitimately question anyone until after she talks to sarek. sarek is really her father and likely the most formative authority figure michael had while growing up. during their conversation, she demonstrates a considerable amount of self-control, but she also clearly doesn’t shy away from standing her ground against him. he is the first authority figure she feels comfortable questioning, and it gives her the opportunity to question her captain enough to mutiny (especially because they both similarly doubt her plan, blurring the lines between separate figures of authority)

but this is only the beginning, isn’t it?

there’s even more fuel to the fire in battle at the binary stars

similarly to the vulcan hello, we get a flashback scene (or two) and a present-day scene with michael and sarek. both of these are monumentally important for michael’s actions throughout the episode and, really, the whole season. this episode is arguably structured around michael and sarek’s relationship

at the very beginning we see michael’s first moments in starfleet, and it’s really revealing when we see her first reaction to georgiou


now, this is not the michael we see at the beginning of the vulcan hello. her disrespect for georgiou would be, frankly, astonishing if we had not just seen her commit mutiny

michael is snippy for pretty much the entire encounter to both georgiou and sarek (understandably so, given that joining starfleet feels like a failure to her and to her family, mostly sarek), and sarek leaves her with this:



however, georgiou rapidly gains michael’s respect, and we end the flashback with this:


when michael calls georgiou “captain,” it is representative of her accepting her authority, and it provides a believable transition from michael’s dismissive reception of her to a steadfast officer who had everyone staring at her in shock when she argued with georgiou in the vulcan hello

this scene cuts immediately to michael being detained for mutiny. real spicy shit

less significant to my argument but still notable is the next flashback we get, where michael has just been knocked unconscious in detainment, and we see sarek revive child michael with a mind meld (sidebar: here sarek displays the most emotion i have honestly ever seen from him). when child michael gains consciousness, so does michael in present day

then we get one of my favorite scenes in the whole season: sarek telepathically talking to michael over their familial bond


this line is CRAZY important in retrospect. it feels like michael isn’t really addressing her mutiny at all and instead is talking about her use of sarek’s guidance in general. and just like with her application of the vulcan hello, she has used her vulcan education in many ways where sarek fundamentally disagrees with her. while michael has been the absolute perfect specimen of starfleet decorum on the shenzhou, she’s been learning how to subvert sarek’s parenting for the past seven years

girl needed an outlet for all that rebellious nature she’s been suppressing

but was it sarek’s intention to be a sort of devil’s advocate of a father this whole time? honestly, i had always thought that he was just kind of an awful father in his unsupportiveness and general hypocrisy in how he treats all of his children, but i’ve started looking at him in a new light

he constantly challenges michael in ways that force her to fight him. i’m not saying it’s necessarily a great parenting strategy or that he deserves to get father of the year, but his actions feel more parental in this light. by challenging michael, he makes her confront all the ways she can be truest to herself


his way of supporting michael is clinical, distant, emotionally-damaging, and just goddamn frustrating, but he does love her and raise her as his daughter

it’s enough to get her to mutiny, but it’s not enough for her to give up her self-control when it comes to authority. because, as we see over the course of the first several episodes of michael on the discovery, she’s wants desperately to still be the perfect loyal starfleet officer

and then we get to lethe

let me just say, if you’re not convinced already, there is a REASON that there’s an entire episode focused almost entirely on sarek and michael’s relationship

let’s examine sarek’s flashback first

here is michael’s first reaction to her rejection from the expeditionary group:


years later, look what we have:


ah, yes. the same exact thought.

however, it seems that sarek never really internalized this particular effect of michael’s rejection from the expeditionary group. i think that he assumed that michael would simply work to prove him wrong, totally misunderstanding the scale at which michael would take this to heart. he did not account for how damaging this moment would be, and when michael finally shouts that he lost faith in her, he says:


my theory is that sarek constantly misunderstands the effect of his words (funny for an ambassador lmao). he hoped to challenge michael by putting her in starfleet and saying that she wasn’t good enough, but he really just made her bitter and overall much less confident

there’s a lot to talk about in this flashback that has nothing to do with michael’s relationship to authority, so i’ll spare you the pain

instead let’s take a look at the extremely telling scene for michael’s character development. y’all know which one i’m talking about


okay if you guys don’t remember, right before michael says this, sarek is claims that he has no recollection of their mind meld, but michael absolutely calls him out on his bullshit, which she is wont to do with a few people at this point. HOWEVER, where this line really makes me want to give a standing ovation is that michael not only calls him out, but she says exactly what he should do differently





[DOES THAT SOUND FAMILIAR TO ANY OF YOU??? hint: check the pics under the battle at the binary stars section]

and then okay after that she says, “but i won’t push you.” and her emphasis is really important here and not communicated well through captions (which is why i’m just telling you). she REALIZED that sarek had been unjustly pushing her to be better (”you MUST do better”), and she shut that shit down. finally, we see michael start to stop caring so much about how she should be acting and start acting how she feels is right (which is, ironically, what sarek probably wanted all along imo)

and of course we can’t forget her badass walk away where she absolutely destroys sarek by throwing a, “father,” over her shoulder


WOW this is the face of someone who knows they fucking owned that entire exchange. sarek found dead in miami.

zooming out of this particular moment, this conversation is the first time michael examines a situation and doesn’t stop at saying “this isn’t right.” she goes further and says, “i won’t let you do this because it isn’t right,” and that, my friends, is such a pivotal point for her development

i’m not gonna talk about the wolf inside here (with mirror sarek) because i don’t think it’s super relevant to this analysis but there is a lot going on in the brief exchange they had there

so, we’ll skip ahead to post-mirrorverse canon in the war without, the war within

although michael has made leaps in subverting authority while in the mirrorverse, we still see that incredible restraint when they’re boarded by hostile starfleet officers


she stands peacefully, with her hands up, totally faded into the background (saru is the one speaking during this screencap)

then, sarek shows up, and michael instantly springs into action


she only backs off at admiral cornwell’s order. in this moment, we see michael willing to confront sarek but unwilling to confront an admiral

the rest of the episode, we see that michael has mostly retained her respect for superiors, but she definitely has no issue fighting against authority she sees as unjust (ie: she treats emperor georgiou decidedly NOT as a superior, and she definitely did the same to captain lorca. AND, significantly, her conversation with the emperor about defeating the klingons absolutely parallels her conversation with sarek about the vulcan hello. poetic cinema, my man.)

it is not a coincidence that the emperor’s plan (you know—the one that leads michael to threaten mutiny against cornwell? that plan?) is revealed to sarek alone and is proposed to starfleet by him

their final interaction before all that shit goes down is also formative. michael confesses her uncertainties to him in these pretty vague statements


and sarek validates her. WHAT! i refuse to believe that this did not have a major impact on michael’s confidence. god help that man if michael ever finds out about just how integral he was to the plan that had her publicly giving the middle finger to the admiralty

and, finally, we get to the culmination of it all in will you take my hand

where she realizes that unjust authority is not only present in corrupt superiors—it is also present in good people who are in desperate positions (like cornwell and sarek). she takes the lessons she’s learned from sarek and from the mirrorverse, and she threatens another mutiny with the conviction and righteousness that her first mutiny lacked. michael has found herself, and sarek fucking knows it


god!! he’s so impressed and smiley!!!!!! i can’t decide if i hate him or love him for it!

i think it’s so goddamn interesting that her journey has been bookended so neatly by her relationship with sarek, and i think his position as an authority figure (parentally in season 1A and parentally+officially in season 1B) has a lot to do with it. thus concludes my analysis








Just because you delete your posts doesn’t mean it didn’t happen? You showed your true colors and your Twitter posts show it too. What you did wasn’t Trek, Star Trek is about acceptance and not being disrespectful to others and doesn’t take sides or make everything about themselves.

And I believe Manu should be banned from Gays in Space as he gives a bad name to the LGBTQ community.

Anthony Repp should be proud of himself for finding the courage to finally come forward because that is one of the most hardest things.

Fuck You Manu.

Did you just say he was part of “Gays in Space”? *nervous laughing*

Jesus. Christ. (Unless someone does it before i’ll add other screencaps later because I’m on my phone rn)

So it seems Voyager’s Icheb actor Manu Intiraymi is quite the disgusting creep.

Captain Janeway would not approve.

How can somebody be a part of Trek and still be this obtuse and disgusting? 😒

Oh look: more evidence of how creepy he is. Wonderful.

Never. Stop. Reblogging. This.

More screenshots. These are from his Twitter.

More Screenshots, these are from Twitter.

Heads up that not all Star Trek actors embody the message of Trek. 

The actor who plays Icheb on Star Trek Voyager is victim blaming Anthony Rapp for opening up about his sexual assault encounter with Kevin Spacey