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Menage a Troi

…in which Lwaxana crashes her daughter’s date.


Putting to one side that Quark is the only person Odo could ever romantically love

I want it on the record before tumblr goes to the big farm in the sky that Kira/Odo it is absolute HORSESHIT and that Lwaxana/Odo is the Good Good


First, because Kira is very clearly gay

Second, despite being canonically 5yrs old Odo is design to look and does act significantly older than Kira. Kira is maybe mid 30’s, Odo presents as being later 40’s or even 50+

And my issue is not that Kira would date an old man it’s that big shows go out of their way to give (yes give) the young female lead to a much older male lead out of Hollywood’s fascination with young girls (actresses) and old men (producers/agents)

Star Trek does a lot of good to break these molds but the forced heterosexuality in DS9 is particularly aggravating when you KNOW Odo had a healthy, age appropriate romantic arch that was played for laughs

Lwaxana Troi is an incredible woman and yes, she is overbearing and domineering and she doesn’t share Odo’s experiences during the Cardassian occupation but that’s why they’re so good for each other. She knows how to have fun, she forces Odo to have fun, to see the light in life and the wisdom of happiness. She teaches him to accept what he is even when that is constantly called into question because you can’t live well if you won’t accept yourself as you are.

And he, in return, shows her the importance of responsibility, saves her and her child from an abusive father, and helps her in turn accept who she is as she ages

And you want me to give a good god damn about him being shipped with a butch lesbian freedom fighter?

Fuck out of here

On this blog is Lwaxana and Odo (and Quark and Odo) or nothing at the fuck all


lwaxana troi in star trek: deep space nine ‘the forsaken’

Lwaxana Troi

Lwaxana Troi




I forgot I made a ship generator once but now I tested it and it gave me Buffy x Gollum so maybe that’s why I repressed its existence. 

Ship of the day is Q x Davros

Saru x Drusilla ?? I ship it.

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If anyone can match Lwaxana’s lust for… well, everything it’s Jack Harkness. They can hop through space and time together, visiting strange planets where undoubtedly at least one of them always has an ex.


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And you should get a prize because it’s delightful. 

Tom Paris is canonically attracted to older women (and Lwaxana out-Sandrines Sandrine by a league), and certainly appreciates both powerful and colorful personalities. He would be mesmerized by a brightly colored matron with a short story of titles after her name, an abundance of gaiety, and an absence of propriety. And she would find him charming, especially if he were to play along with a flirtation. Tom, be a darling and fetch my feathered fan. Yes, ma’am, which would you prefer? Oh, I don’t know, which do you think makes the best statement. Well, the silver accentuates your dress, but all eyes will be on you regardless. They always are. Oh, stop you silly boy. Yes ma’am. (hands her the silver feathered fan, she poses) Perfect. (she beams)

If they wanted to actually move beyond playful banter and the occasional kiss on the cheek, they would have to deal with their friends and family. Most of the Voyager crew would simply super side-eye the pairing but Harry would literally pass out. And lol forever at the idea of Owen Paris and Lwaxana Troi even in a room together, forget about in some kind of meet the parents scene. Add in Deanna (and Will!) and it would be a wonderful terrible dark family comedy probably involving law enforcement along the lines of the old film Flirting with Disaster (also that should be their ship name). 

So it should really only happen in the interlude in between Tom’s disgrace and prison. He’s cut off from family, self-destructive and empty, with no sense of purpose, doing whatever odd jobs he has to to get his next drink and maybe fly again. She’s on vacay and Mr. Homm broke his ankle and she needs a replacement valet yesterday. She’s desperate and he’s available, he’s desperate and she’s available. They take a train together because they both appreciate the past and they start to roleplay a little. They land on the Duchess and the young con man who wants to seduce her for her fortune. It’s so fun it’s addictive. They start turning heads. Boundaries are crossed but it’s all the game, it’s not their fault they’re so good at it. At some point truths start leaking out. He’s been unloved too long, and she’s been so lonely. Neither can tell where the fantasy ends anymore but then maybe it doesn’t matter. They’re happy. 

Eventually they have to return to reality. But with Lwaxana Troi in his corner, Tom’s life vastly improves. She gets him hired into the Betazoid Space Fleet and he rises rapidly through the ranks. He gets in touch with his sisters and his mother and when he’s captain of the Federation Ambassador’s ship, his father invites him home. With Lwaxana’s urging, they mend fences. He never goes to prison, never gets lost in the Delta Quadrant, is an adopted uncle to any little Riker-Trois, and has a beautiful Betazoid wedding of his own (probably to a shipmate). 

Send me a ship and I’ll give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it and/or write a scenario 


Lwaxana Troi. Daughter of the fifth house, holder of the sacred chalice of Rixx and heir to the holy rings of Betazed.