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“Malcolm Reed gets stuck in space with his best friend thinking they’re about to die and everyone on their ship have just died yet he still can’t admit he’s gay” is such a relatable feeling. 

I just watched that episode where it was determined that Malcolm wasn’t close with his family and he had disappointed his traditional father and no one really knew him because he was a very private person and I was like “Such a gay mood”.  

One eyebrow really says it all.


Isn’t there stuff saying that if the show got more seasons, Reed was supposed to come out? 

It always seemed to me that they were building up to it – the girl chasing that never seemed to actually end in sex was sort of a red flag for me. And the very last episode, when Riker was talking to Reed in the holodeck. Riker asked Reed something about him caring about Tucker, and Reed went into frantic  “no homo” denials. 


Heteronormativity is that when men fight with other men on tv it’s seen as aggressive and macho but when a man and a woman does it it inevitably ends with sex.

Hayes and Reed wrestling in torn shirts has high homoerotic qualities that should be harnessed for the good of mankind.


Wow the sexual tension between Hayes and Reed in Enterprise…

Yet Reed is straight. Really straight.

There was rumors when the show was on that Reed was coming out as gay and Dominic Keating apparently called Braga to talk about it. Braga then mocked him and the idea quite mercilessly, according to Braga himself. I’m not 100 % positive that the writers actually discussed him being gay before the show, but I believe it was like with Geordi LaForge. It was discussed early on and rejected early on (Don’t forget Rick Berman was head honcho on Enterprise).

Dominic Keating has hinted that he played Reed sort of bi anyway.

I think the episode where Tucker and Reed are stuck in the shuttle and think they’re about to die would have been the perfect opportunity for Reed to come out. Reed always had this frantic no homo thing, as you correctly name it, going on. In that episode he starts to talk about all these girls he’s supposedly been with in such a way that I read it 100 % as someone overcompensating while in the closet. Being alone out there with his best friend (if not the man he loves) would be his chance to finally talk about it. 

If Reed and Tucker weren’t two men that episode, with them both being stuck together huddling for warmth while getting drunk, would have ended with them getting together. That is a CLASSIC romance plot.  

In the episode where they are told they got stuck on Enterprise and died there, he was the one that “didn’t end up with anyone”. Again, it’s so easy to read as someone that’s in the closet.

He’s clearly awkward around women and has that whole thing where he wrestles Hayes in a tank top.

tl;dr: Reed consistently reads as a man in the closet. 

Wow the sexual tension between Hayes and Reed in Enterprise…

Yet Reed is straight. Really straight.

Lieutenant Malcolm Reed with Harris, an agent of Section 31.

The solid wlw mlm friendship we deserved.
We got robbed.

one of my trek faves is malcolm reed from ent. he's the security/armoury officer and is awkward as hell with people and pretty shy and struggles to fit in with the crew but over the seasons he begins to see the crew as the family he never had and its. a Lot. i love him

i don’t know much about him but i support him!!!