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nalyne: Star Trek or Porno 


Star Trek or Porno 

captaincrusher: Platonic bros.


Platonic bros.




Tried to gather Bones-pics for some sort of reaction pic thing but all I got were lots of pictures of Bones so here ya go.

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garthglaz: Sketch Study of Captain Kirk from “…


Sketch Study of Captain Kirk from “Star Trek The Motion Picture”

Kirk’s uniform in this first movie is so retro looking that I at first I actually thought the scene was from the series pilot in 1967. The “new hair” gave it away was a post T. J. Hooker (the 1970s cop show) version of William Shatner.


Kirk: If you had the ability to knock me out any time I said something stupid, would you?
Bones: I do have the ability to knock you out any time you say something stupid, I just choose not to.
Kirk: Thank you…?



I know this ship has sailed, but can I just say, for the record: Dr. Katherine Pulaski was very obviously the female-version of Dr. McCoy, and her “racism” against “Day-ta” was canon-compliant with Bones’ feelings regarding non-human species. To rage against Pulaski, but accept McCoy’s racist speech as a minor character flaw, is to be blatantly misogynist. Both characters are clearly uninformed about “race” issues, and both characters are given arcs to redeem these uninformed opinions (whether or not they should be redeemed). Katherine Pulaski is hated for being unkind to Data, but there are countless people willing to excuse McCoy’s hateful speech about Vulcans so as to put him on a pedestal. Check. Your. Selves.

(Twenty years too late)

8 Times Leonard “Bones” McCoy’s Medical Knowledge Saved The Day

8 Times Leonard “Bones” McCoy’s Medical Knowledge Saved The Day:

I wrote this piece about our favorite space doctor for I am sassy in it.

When presented with the possible cure, Spock immediately pulls a Spock. He states flatly that the vial might also be a beaker full of death since they can’t determine dosage and are unable to check their data. McCoyresponds by injecting himself to test the cure and prove the Vulcan wrong.



Years later Paul Stamets meets Dr. McCoy and Spock comes up and Stamets is like “he’s got a good head on his shoulders, once gave me some good relationship advice that I really needed to hear” and McCoy just tells him the plot of Amok Time in full detail and is like “so that’s the guy whose relationship advice you took”