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bones, smacking bread onto both sides of kirk’s head: what are you?
kirk: a snack
bones: No.


Imagine the crew doing a secret santa and Bones is grumbling under his breath about getting Spock instead of Scotty because he knows what to get Scotty, but Spock is going to be impossible. It takes him a few minutes to realize Jim isn’t teasing him about it and he looks over only to see Jim’s very concerned face. 

“What’s wrong?”

“I have no idea what to get this person. I know what I’d want to get them, but I doubt they’d want it.”

Bones just cocks and eyebrow at Jim and rolls his eyes. “Jim, anything you give someone is going to be so genuinely thoughtful that they won’t care if they already have ten of them. Just go with what feels right. Now, help me figure out what you get an elf for christmas.” 

Jim snorts at the insult, but doesn’t bring up his secret santa until christmas day. 

To say the least, Bones is surprised by the passionate kiss Jim lands on him right in front of everyone. Jim just grins when Bones, a little breathless and fighting back a smile says, “See. I told you you’d do fine.” 


[ best friend code ]

New bff, new nickname – that’s what you signed up for buddy.


Bones loves Jim, pass it on. 

This folded up paper (seriously who even has access to paper) gets dropped on a table in the mess. An ensign unfolds it and then pushes it across the table. 

It circulates for days, weeks, around and around the ship until someone in laundry tucks it into a command pocket (one of the only shirts Jim has managed not to rip in a month). 

The Captain is sequestered, along and exhausted, in his ready room. Bones is recovering from a too close call and he’s pretty sure the only way he can function is with a pile of reports and mission logs to keep him occupied and far away from the medbay, where Nurse Chapel and M’Benga have forced him out of more times than he can count. 

He only gave Spock his override when Jim threatened to tell on him the first chance he got (Bones wouldn’t take kindly to Jim being belligerent, that’s for sure) and Spock has promised only to pull him from the ready room when Jim starts to smell. 

It’s only been twelve hours and he’s ignored the growing plates of food and dinging of the replicator as his crew tries gently at first to remind him to eat something and then gives up and starts comm-ing him to remind him to at least have a protein shake. He’s disabled the comms too and the only sound is the pounding behind his ears and the grunt Bones made before he falls hard in front of Jim on repeat as he takes a phaser hit meant for Jim. 

He shoves his hand in his pocket. He doesn’t know why. He doesn’t usually keep things on him–to Bones chagrin and Spock’s growing annoyance. 

And then he finds a crumpled up piece of paper–folded and unfolded many times–with chicken-scratch handwriting that makes Jim’s breath catch. 

Bones loves Jim, pass it on. 

And he believes it. And it’s enough to make everything okay. Because he remembers when Bones wrote it. Stealing a piece of Jim’s paper in an old vintage marble notebook early one morning before a rare shift they didn’t have together. Jim was blurry eyed and morning drunk, wrapped in a sheet and the smell of Bones from the night before. 

“What’d you do?” He whispered, voice raspy with sleep. 

A forehead kiss and he saw before his eyes shut that Bones tucked something into his pocket. 

“Show you later.”

Almost like the bastard knew that Jim would need his words, bundled up and saved, for a time when he couldn’t say them out loud. 

Would you happen to have an good mckirk hurt/comfort recs?


My first, favorite one is ABSENCE MAKES THE HEART GROW FONDER by Laughter_Now. It’s a long married!McKirk with a beautiful hurt!Bones, worried!Jim payoff. 

The_Dala wrote THE SUM OF US, one of the best vignette hurt/comfort fics that I have EVER read. Features hurt!Jim, protective!Bones and my favorite, badass!Bones. 

LOVE AND HATE by blcwriter is a brilliant fic filled with questions of morality, it’s got a scene that has hurt!Bones and is *chef’s kiss*. I love it a lot. 

AND I AM FALLING APART UNDER THE WAVES by acetamide is heartbreaking but really lovely Bones won’t give up on Jim. 

kirk: I’m gonna be singing Cher Lloyd by Cher Lloyd, Oath with Becky G
kirk: right. and don’t forget all trouble we got into-
kirk: It wasn’t me






His Time Has Come

How dare you




For some reason, Jim thinks it’s a great idea to make Bones this e-card for the Valentine’s Day following the Vengeance disaster.

It is not received well. At all.

Jim’s meal card specifically prohibits chocolate for a week.

Some days…you think about @fireinmywoods​ and then you do things like this.

happy (resurrected) hearts day to Bones and his fave zombie