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Bones: What part of your head hurts?
Kirk: The part above my shoulders.

(this is from Bones! haha)


Kirk: Bones said that I was perfectly fine. Except for this massive burn scar. And a broken rib. Which was right next to two other broken ribs.
Spock: Did he clear you or not?
Kirk: He did not. Alright, let’s get to work.


bones: are you getting enough sleep?
kirk: sometimes when i sneeze my eyes close


bones: you lied?
kirk: i may have.
bones: you may have, or you did?
kirk: i may have did.



Jim: Must you always attack me with words?

Bones: You want me to use hypos?


Bones: You can’t just ignore the Prime Directive whenever you disagree with it.
Kirk: Technically, I can.



“Jim, are you outta your mind?”

“Hey, babe.” Jim had pretzeled himself in his usual position in their quarters–glasses askew, hair mussed, Bones’ first threadbare Starfleet Academy tee hanging off him. 

“You can’t tell the brass to go fuck off.” Bones sighed, running a hand over his eyes. He had wanted to come back and collapse into bed with Jim beside him but Jim’s latest ship-wide comm had derailed those plans.

“I think I said, go fuck off, sirs. And you usually cheer me on when I do it.”

“You gotta pick your battles.”

“I’m not submitting my evaluations for my crew and staff. You heard what happened to the U.S.S. McCarter?”

“Yeah, it was decommissioned last week but that has nothing to do with evaluations, Jim.”

“Wanna bet?” Jim pushed off his glasses and ran a hand through his hair, messing it again. Bones clenched his fist at his side to keep from reaching out and fixing it. 

“No one messes with my crew, Bones. First the evaluations, then they send a representative for interviews. Then they decide what departments to redistribute. It’s bullshit.”

“They might court martial you for this.” Bones sighed, pulling out his PADD and typing a quick message.

“Maybe.” Jim smirked before turning back to the PADDs of work in front of him. “Probably.”

The comms came in stacked against each other. 

He typed the rest of his message and then sat on the couch, leaning against the cushion and letting his eyes closed. 

He must have drifted off because a comm notification followed by Jim’s sharp intake of breath woke him. 

“You didn’t.”

Bones cracked one eye open and saw his husband curl up on the couch beside him, a deep grouping of frown lines giving him the appearance of blurry Klingon. 

Another Comm beep and another as each of the Bridge Crew and senior officer’s messages to the Admirals was received. 

“We’re not going to let you get court martialed alone, Jim.”

Jim shook his head and settled into Bones’ side, relaxed until the admirals response came in. But that could wait. 


Kirk: can you ask Spock if he likes me?
Bones: he’s your husband.
Kirk: yeah but can you see if he like likes me.


kirk: i would die for you.
bones: i know. i literally had to bring you back to life.


Bones: Is anyone else scared?
Kirk: Not really. I’ve already lived longer than I expected.