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sylvia tilly: that man is dreamy!! 😍

michael burnham: okay

sylvia tilly:


Michael felt more out of place than she ever had before.

Under Sarek’s indifferent gaze, she’d been discontent—unsatisfied, even—but at least she had known that she’d belonged beneath the trees of Mirkwood. Although she’d jumped on the opportunity for escape, practically running for Rivendell, the beginnings of regret stirred uneasily in her gut as she very consciously avoided looking at the fellowship.

She sat several meters away from their makeshift camp, achingly aware of the differences that separated them. She was wide awake and alert, and she knew that her companions thought her strange for it. Both of her hands gripped her bow with a white-knuckled intensity that the night’s stillness did not merit.

Continuing her intent gaze into the calm woods, she showed no reaction when Ash Tyler, Captain of Gondor, settled down beside her.

“You need not keep me company, Captain,” Michael said when the silence became agitating.

“I know you could probably keep watch on your own, but I am having difficulty resting, so I thought…”

His voice was soft and unsure. It did not reflect the near-painfully strong convictions he held for Gondor, which Michael had witnessed at the Council. She watched him out of the corner of her eye, observing the harsh soldier’s posture of his shoulders and the soft downward curl of his mouth. He was, perhaps, a study in contradictions.

When Michael said nothing, Tyler turned a little bit more towards her, earnestly asking, “How much sleep do elves require?”

“Not as much as humans,” Michael replied, wry despite herself. It was as much a response to his question as a reminder that Tyler surely needed more sleep.

Tyler looked away, slightly abashed. “I do not mean to trouble you.”

Michael shifted her weight, feeling awkward. It had not been her intention to make Tyler feel unwelcome. She felt woefully unprepared for the intricacies of this seemingly easy conversation, and she longed for Sarek’s blunt manner of speaking. She twisted her harsh grip on her bow. Lamely, she said, “You do not.”

Tyler offered a hesitant smile. “Okay,” he said, sounding hesitantly pleased.

Smiles, to Michael, had always seemed to very eerily human, but the expression on Tyler’s face made her consider that humans’ little gestures were fascinating, too.

She took one hand off her bow and placed it on the ground.

@tin-can-spaceship YOU KNOW IT!!!!

@tin-can-spaceship YOU KNOW IT!!!!


michael burnham’s response to most people doing self-sacrificial things for her: not if i can’t do something even MORE self-sacrificial first!

michael burnham’s response to lorca doing self-sacrificial things for her: k.


star trek discovery: we’re at war with the klingons who hate starfleet and for good reason
star trek discovery: also we’re captained by a corrupt traitor from the mirror universe to highlight all the ways in which fear pushes humanity into atrocities
star trek discovery: not to mention that everyone involved in the main story has to suffer at every turn in order to make their commitment to peaceful exploration more meaningful
michael burnham, with her mouth full of a breakfast burrito: hey could we maybe lighten the fuck up


Michael Burnham

Michael Burnham


michael burnham: yeah, i don’t even, like, care about what happens here. everything is going to end with me going back to prison so none of the relationships i make here really matter

also michael when anything bad happens to one of her workplace acquaintances:

landry only tried to attack the tardigrade b/c…

landry only tried to attack the tardigrade b/c she was trying to impress michael. a bad case of 'doing something stupid in front of a cute girl.' thanks for coming to my ted talk.

dlkshfsk oh my god. landry just wanted to look badass and be interesting to michael!

she first tries to get michael’s attention by disagreeing with everything she says. “the tardigrade is not intrinsically harmfu–” “oh YEAH WELL. MAYBE YOU’RE WRONG MAYBE IT’LL KILL US.”

when landry realizes that this isn’t working at making michael think she’s interesting (or at least annoying enough to be intrigued), she switches gears to focus on her assets: she’s great at looking badass!

and who is better to showcase her skills on than ripper?

it backfires, but she doesn’t die in my new alternate reality called Landry Not Dying.

she wakes up in sickbay with the dawning thought of regret that she really needs to rethink new ways to get michael’s attention.

What do they each do/act like when the other i…

What do they each do/act like when the other is hurt/in sickbay? What, if anything, do they do (or not do) for Space Valentines Day? My headcanon is that Landry doesn’t say the words “I love you” often/at all; if you’re with me on that one, what do you think she’d say to communicate her love instead? ;D

    • landry snaps at basically everyone other than michael for doing anything that has any minor potential of making her injuries worse. tilly once came and visited michael in sickbay while landry was on shift so that they could eat some ice cream and read old novels together, and landry “happened to be in the area” to come and check on michael during shift, saw them hanging out, and told tilly that if she REALLY cared about michael, she’d read TO her rather than let michael strain her eyes. after a while, it annoys michael just as much as it endears her.
    • michael devolves into someone whose only two moods are “clinically practical” and “blankly silent.” yes, she takes care of landry and visits her while she’s in sickbay, but she keeps their contact mostly professional and frequently drops into thousand yard stares while hanging out with her. she doesn’t want landry to worry about her worrying when she should just be focused on recovering. landry sees right through it but doesn’t call her out on it
  • on their first space valentine’s day, michael was going to sort of shyly run through some stereotypical holiday stuff, but landry makes an offhand comment one day about valentine’s day being stupid, and michael quietly abandons all her plans. somebody tells landry that she should go all out for michael since she’s never celebrated before, and landry seriously considers it before planning this quiet evening where they just eat dinner together and maybe cuddle afterwards. anyway landry surprises michael with this really soft evening and it’s super cute.
  • landry is almost as aggressively unsentimental as sarek, so yeah i’d buy her infrequently saying “i love you.” instead of that, she drops by michael’s station during shift and reminds her to take breaks. she complains about everything saru does loudly for a week after he says something mean to michael. she picks up weird alien flowers for her when she goes on away missions with the justification that michael likes that science shit. she makes sure michael doesn’t fall asleep at her desk and will carry her to a more comfortable place when she does. she acts aloof but is very deeply attentive to everything she does when she’s with michael. that’s love bitch.