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kinda sucks that people only started shipping mylvia for real after season 2 where tilly repeatedly demonstrated that she only cares about michael up to the point of what she can do for tilly :/


spock is like yes i hate michael yes she is my best friend in the entire galaxy do you have a problem with that

*thinks about how ash tyler is the only character in season 2 who provided space for michael to be emotionally vulnerable*


i love when people say michael’s existence is a plot hole because spock obviously has such a good track record of telling jim about his family members

god u ever just remember how painful michael and spock’s relationship is

i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. michael’s type is JOCK with a heart of GOLD.

[chanting] lanham rises lanham rises lanham rises

LANHAM 2K20!!!

do it

okay so i have no drive to rewatch the second half of s2, so forgive me if i say anything wrong but

in season 2, obviously both tilly and michael had shit to go through that really pushed both women into isolating states. when tilly was going through all her bullshit with the mycelial network, though, michael reached out, was there for her, and really comforted and supported tilly when it finally became obvious that she was in a position that necessitated that support.

felt like i was fucking waiting for tilly to reciprocate for a million years. as soon as michael offered support, it was like tilly disappeared from her life entirely. almost every single thing michael did in the second half of the season literally begged someone to at least fucking ask if she was doing okay and hopefully offer at least like 5 seconds of support? sylvia tilly was supposed to be that person. she was the least tortured, most unquestioning relationship michael had. tilly was supposed to be there for her.

instead, we get tilly like. having fun and hanging out with other friends while michael is literally going through some of the most difficult trials she’s faced? when michael proposed and followed through with her suicide plan, tilly not only didn’t protest but didn’t even fucking talk to michael at all during the whole ordeal. her silence was so, so damning. her reaction to michael dying was deeply impersonal, too. she somehow showed less emotion than when ariam died, and i get that they were both supposed to be her friends, but michael was supposed to be her BEST friend, the first person to really see her? and tilly was silent.

their hug in the finale did little to mend this injustice. when they claim that their goodbye didn’t need to exist, it felt like a half-assed acknowledgement of all the silence that’s stretched between them throughout the season. it didn’t mean shit.

tl;dr tilly just wasn’t fucking there for michael. i don’t think i even feel comfortable calling them friends anymore lmao