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WonderCon panel reveals deleted scene from Dis…

WonderCon panel reveals deleted scene from Discovery season finale, black starfleet badges confirmed as Section 31!

burnhamandtilly: Star Trek: Discovery » Congr…


Star Trek: Discovery » Congratulations on the five 44th Saturn Awards Nominations

sonequamartingreenlove: Source: Jason Isaacs …


Source: Jason Isaacs Instagram

burnhamandtilly: Michelle Yeoh and Jason Isaa…


Michelle Yeoh and Jason Isaacs + rehearsing for the fight scene sequence seen in What’s Past Is Prologue

batfleckk: @jasonsfolly: #FBF The great #Mi…


@jasonsfolly: #FBF The great #MichelleYeoh and a drunk man with newly transplanted limbs walk the first half of their epic fight. At half-speed, I swear.
#StarTrekDiscovery #JustAddLeather





One of my favourite things is how Georgiou made good on Michelle Yeoh’s promise to “kick Lorca’s ass if he didn’t look after her baby girl”.

Oh my god I forgot about that! XD And I’m pretty sure that that convention happened after they were done filming…or certainly by the time the whole cast would have known about/been rehearsing stuff from the final eps…which means that

Michelle Yeoh frikkin knew that that joke would pay off exactly four months later

What an icon, truly


burnhamandtilly: Michelle Yeoh + talking abou…


Michelle Yeoh + talking about her comeback as Emperor Philippa Georgiou and her relationship with Michael Burnham

[Yeoh] can make the lightest contact in the wo…

[Yeoh] can make the lightest contact in the world and make it look like she’s hammering you. Me … I’m actually grabbing her arms and banging into her and bruising her terribly. So I’m feeling like a clumsy, drunken hippo fighting her, but I’m still getting to do a fight scene with Michelle Yeoh, which is great.


I don’t think I blinked once during that entire episode.

And damn can Michelle Yeoh kick.

See the mission through. #StarTrekDiscovery …

See the mission through. #StarTrekDiscovery