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I can’t explain it (and I should have to try), but I am obsessed/in love with the side bridge characters. And I am especially interested in Rhys. There is something about him that seems interesting and I want more of him. I want to see him and his relations with the crew and I’d like him to have a playful, flirtatious quality that we get to see a hint of with Tilly in the Time Loop episode. I think I love Rhys.

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Patrick Kwow-Choon who plays Rhys in Star Trek: Discovery, talking about the show at After Trek, February 11th 2018

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Meet Patrick Kwok-Choon, Who Plays Lieutenant Rhys On The Star Trek: Discovery Bridge Crew –

Which prop from Star Trek: Discovery do you wish you could keep?

 Definitely the badge on my uniform. Jeff from props collects it every evening after we finish shooting. I always kid and tell him one day it might “accidentally” get lost.

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