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Patrick Stewart’s Saturday Night Live Monologue



One of my favorite tidbits about Oblivion is that, when Bethesda brought Patrick Stewart in to play Uriel Septim, they gave him this big 90-page booklet detailing the character’s history and background and motivations, and they were really worried that they’d gone overboard and given him too much.  Meanwhile, Stewart was delighted–he’s said that it was the best character prep he’d ever been given, and he wished more people would do that.

It’s worth noting that this character dies in the tutorial


Star Trek

Me and my boys.

The PICARD News just keeps coming: “Apart from the principle cast of Next Generation, there were other characters that we encountered, at different times, who also might show up again.”

New poster for PICARD featuring Sir Patrick Stewart and a canine companion, who’s tag appears to say “No. 1” and seems to be a pit bull (influence no doubt from his interest in fostering rescue dogs of that breed).

Star Trek: Picard – Official Teaser Trailer

25 years ago today, ‘All Good Things’ brought us to an end. The end is only the beginning.

Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton and Patrick Stewart rehearse a scene.

Galen (Picard) confronts Baran

Picard and an exhausted Riker in Sickbay.