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“What are you feeding her?” Odo asks, leaning around Quark for a better look.

“It’s just normal ferengi baby food,” Quarks snaps. “Nothing to worry about.”

“She’s only half Ferengi, are you sure that’s okay?”

Quark glares up at him. “Will you stop hovering? She’s my kid, I know how to take care of her”

“Ha! I wouldn’t trust you to look after a potted plant, much less a child.”

“I’ll have you know I helped look after my nephew all the time when he was a kid. I know a thing or two about raising children.”

“If that’s true, it’s a miracle Nog turned out as well as he did.”

“Either way,” Quark snaps. “This kid is really none of your concern.”

“She needs someone to be a good role model for her,” he says, looking Quark over critically. “The last thing I need around here is another one of you.”

“Oh please,” says Quark. “If I was gone, you’d miss me. It would be so boring around here without me.”

Odo huffs and crosses his arms.

In which one of Quark’s ex-associates drops a child on him one day and he becomes a single father, and Odo is very determined to help raise the child despite the fact that Quark never asked, thank you very much. Shenanigans ensue.

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hey!!!  I somehow missed this when you first posted it, thank you so much!

The “enemies to co parents” story we all need.


Star Trek : Deep Space Nine Issue 12 – Baby on Board

After seeing a post going around yesterday that people would rather see the cast of DS9 handle a baby rather than another reboot movie, I was inspired to scan this comic I bought at Star Trek Las Vegas last year. 

Bad dialogue and complete wtf-ery ahoy!

First up is Quark and Odo.

Part Two with Sisko, Dax, Bashir, Kira and Miles O’Brien

Part Three with Keiko O’Brien


cinematic parallels



“I take–2 steps forward
I take–2 steps back
We come together
Cuz opposites attract ©

Self-indulgent romantic QUODO. Yaaaaay. 

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[ID: a drawing of Quark and Odo doing a partner dance together. The background is blue with a circle of lighter blue behind then and another at their feet like a spotlight. Little threads of dark brown slime are curling out from Odo’s body, with some of them wrapping around Quark. Odo has his eyes closed and looks content; Quark is looking at Odo with a shifty smile. End ID]





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It was @idkipoststuff that birthed this idea into consciousness and we should all be thankful for all the mental images they provided us.


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I have recently supported Quark/Sarek but this was not received well in the group chat.

But consider: Sarek is withholding and dramatic with a great sense of style and he would treat Quark like he’s beneath him.

Quark would find this irresistible.

Can you imagine what the Vulcans that thought Sarek was weird to bring home humans will say when he marries a Ferengi??



4×19, Shattered Mirror