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4×19, Shattered Mirror



The reason I don’t attach my name to any of my social media posts is so that a future employer won’t google me and ask what “Quodo” is and could I please elaborate on the phrase “Handcuffs in the streets, handcuffs in the sheets”, that I used on October 25th 2019. 


It’s not love if your partner isn’t trying to put you in jail at least once every week.


Enemies to lovers is OUT, from now on I will only accept enemies AND lovers


God the Quodo ship is just the perfect level of disgusting, adorable and combined dysfunctionality. I always have so many ideas about those two and their sitcom-esque life together as enemies and lovers.

The sentence “handcuffs in the streets, handcuffs in the sheets” came to me.


solid odo is good bc it means quark can steal his clothes. my vision is that it’s dumb though

Yes yes yes. Also: Quark taking Odo’s clothes so Odo have to wear one of Quark’s garish shirts as a crop top.




quodo is only a valid ship bc both quark and odo are so supremely unfuckable. 

Um excuse you Quark is the most fuckable of all of them

“Is Quark fuckable” is what divides this fandom.


gondor needs no context: part 2


Concept: Odo and Quark as the Bickering Old Couple that every family seems to have.

The holidays at Ferenginar with Odo and Quark at the end of table arguing about something that happened 32 years ago but neither one of them is prepared to let go. 


star trek is so so bad at writing in-canon romance but it’s so so so so good at writing the kind of ‘i cherish you, dumbass’ banter between characters who aren’t supposed to be one another’s canonical romantic interests that attracts romance fans like flies to a corpse