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Stephen Colbert agrees with “ok boomer.” (start at 2:30) Also, bonus cat running a touchdown!

I got a great OK boomer gif from this. (feel free to use)

Bitch, what?!


Tired: Jett Reno’s wife is dead because the writers wanted her story to relate to Hugh Culber’s.

Wired: Jett Reno lied about her wife being dead to guilt Hugh Culber into getting his shit together.

Paul and Hugh are going to get back together in a dramatic scene where Hugh says he wouldn’t want to give up on his second scene because Jett lost her wife and she will never be able to hold her again.

And then he randomly meets someone in the corridor that turns out to be Jett’s wife and he’s like… hold up… 



Star Trek Discovery | Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad

Michael Burnham + reactions