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The deep v-neck is a 100% REAL FASHION CHOICE for Riker

Close up of the newest Riker v-neck

I can not handle this.


Menage a Troi

…in which Lwaxana crashes her daughter’s date.





Y’all could never.


Me: Going through my tng rewatch, I’m realizing Riker isn’t actually that bad. Yes, he sleeps around, but he doesn’t objectify women the way people act like he does. I think he suffers from the same thing as Kirk where pop culture has just decided that he’s this misogynistic womanizer when he’s just not. I actually really like the way he sleeps around, because it implies society has a more healthy relationship with sex in the 24th century, where people who want sex to mean something can have that, but people who just want to have fun with sex can have that too and not be judged for it.

He’s a clever, caring, and capable leader who has a really sweet relationship with the entire cast. “What is more important than Data?!”, leaving a date when Wesley needs advice and telling her it’s a “family emergency”, him taking an interest in Klingon culture and getting close with Worf, and most of all his relationship with Deanna are all wonderful. He and Deanna have a loving, healthy friendship in the wake of their breakup, which is something we never see on tv. I actually love his character and the relationships he has.

Also me:


S1 Riker is your TA you think is gay but looks like he could just as well be a youth minister

S7 Riker is your thesis advisor and a tenured history prof that invites you to a farmers market with him and husband on the weekend