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Hybrid Drone

Profile: Powerful unmanned starship created by parties unknown, combining ship elements from Federation, Romulan and Borg designs. Possessing weapons from all three species, modulating and regenerative shields, controlled remotely via subspace. 

Pictured: The Hybrid Drone attacks the Enterprise-D in the remote Bandor system in 2370. The ship was specifically targeting weak spots and likely locations of specific senior staff.

Appeared in Star Trek TNG: The Space Between #3, IDW Comics. Issue 6 suggests it may have been Section 31. 

Romulan Dreadnaught-class Battlecruiser

Profile: Older design and previous mainstay of the Romulan fleet.

Pictured: The empty vessel is towed as part of a target practice for the new Bird-of-Prey circa 2266.

Appeared in Star Trek Alien Spotlight: Romulans, IDW Comics

Koval, Chairman of the Tal’Shiar, played by John Fleck (Silik on Enterprise)

Liviana Charvanek

Liviana Charvanek

Sub-Commander T’Rul aboard the Defiant

The Doctor is unamused by his Romulan interrogation aboard the Prometheus.

Makeup touch ups on a romulan senator.

Riker and Worf try to help a Romulan ship.

Before Dukat, or even Macet, Marc Alaimo was Tebok in the season 1 TNG finale.