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i am starting to get excited about season two of discovery in like, a tangible way now. i want to see my wife again i miss her so much


Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Cast Photos


Star Trek: Discovery season 2 character posters

l’rell in the first 5 mins of s2: thanks for having my back in that fight. it’s been pretty cool hanging out with you
ash, who has only been hanging out with the klingons to learn about voq’s effect on him and who has also been avoiding l’rell literally as much as possible: cool. on a completely unrelated note i have to leave right now.

tilly: getting eaten by some weird corrupted mushroom vore experiment


actual real-time footage of michael and spock talking to pike

michael: i risked everything to help you!

spock, has been waiting to attempt to roast michael for literal decades:

was not prepared to see ash tyler in this trailer………is he getting enough sleep? he looks tired. when was the last time he smiled? do you think h

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2 Will Reveal Why Spock Never Mentioned His Sister: undefined