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ds9 said You Will Cry Over These Little Men With Butts For Heads And You Will Like It



Tora Ziyal was and remains the absolute cutest and I’ve wanted – and still want – a million episodes about her being awkwardly parented by Kira and Garak, with the occasional incident involving Cool Aunt Jadzia and a sporadic visit from Actual Pile of Burning Delusional Trash Daddy Dukat.



me, watching DS9 get attacked or nearly exploded or possessed by demon ghosts every week, its inhabitants evacuated or starving or sick: wow… would love to live here. the Promenade – so full of life, just wanna take a walk there, buy a jumja stick. Go back to my quarters on the habitat ring with the oval windows looking out into space, my keyboards all backlit… the aesthetic of it all.


me on may 31st at 11:59pm vs me on june 1st at 12:00am


Anyways, fuck game of thrones, can you smell it in the air?? It’s Eurovision week


Sisko: You know Dukat can be real aggressive, so it’s important to take all the necessary precautions when approaching

Sisko: [blows air horn at Dukat] GET FUCKED


Pour one out for #*muffled crying*.


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