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Sara Mitich who plays Airiam in Star Trek: Discovery, talking about the show at After Trek, February 11th 2018

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In between takes from episodes of #StarTrekDiscovery Season 1, Chapter 1.

Meet Sara Mitich, Who Plays Airiam On The Star Trek: Discovery Bridge Crew –

How hard was it to keep your role a secret before the show was announced?

 “It was pretty hard, mainly in the functioning way of just not telling people what I was up to. When friends asked, “Hey, what are you doing tomorrow?” I would have to find a random thing to say because saying “Oh, I’m working on this show, but I can’t say which one” just sounded so pretentious to my ears. It was easy in the sense that I needed those few months of it being a secret to actually process what was happening. It’s such a wonderful and massive franchise, and once you’re a part of it, you’re a part of it forever.”