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It was @idkipoststuff that birthed this idea into consciousness and we should all be thankful for all the mental images they provided us.


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I have recently supported Quark/Sarek but this was not received well in the group chat.

But consider: Sarek is withholding and dramatic with a great sense of style and he would treat Quark like he’s beneath him.

Quark would find this irresistible.

Can you imagine what the Vulcans that thought Sarek was weird to bring home humans will say when he marries a Ferengi??


Can someone tell Sarek that “Play Hard to Get” is not a parenting strategy


Michael, thinking very earnestly, maybe I will go 900 years into the future


Can someone tell Sarek that “Play Hard to Get” is not a parenting strategy






listen i like Discovery but the fact that Sarek is played by the same actor as Ferdinand in Orphan Black is Too Much. How am I meant to watch him be an emotionally withholding alien dad and just not think about him doing british bdsm stuff??

You’re acting like Amanda Grayson is not 100 % stepping on him with high heels in the sanctity of their minimalist boudoir.

Omg who’s gonna write the Sarek/Amanda cock and ball torture fic????

I’m sure @idiot-riker is very happy about starting this thread right now.

You guys, I spent like 5 full minutes trying to remember when Doug Jones was in Orphan Black as a kinky british guy before I realised I read Sarek wrong

To be fair to you, there’s no tv show or movie on Earth where you could say “Doug Jones was in that” and I could just dismiss it straight away.
Was there a tree in that? Did it bend? That could be Doug Jones.



This is some salty tea right here ☕️


The most obvious clue that Star Trek 2009 takes place in an alternate universe is the fact that Sarek is a half decent father

There’s a lot of funny things about Sarek saying “Technically we aren’t related” to Michael when she says he should share what’s up with him because they’re family, but one thing that stands out is that he isn’t on speaking terms with his BIOLOGICAL CHILD at this time.

So he won’t be sharing with people he is, technically, related to either.

Sarek is just scrambling for reasons to be trash, is what I’m saying.