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Mr. Saru, can you pinpoint a possible cause?

saru, tilly, and spock are on my shitlist for this week

Tbh I don’t see how Michael could be even remotely considered to be in the mental shape for bridge work. Like at this point I just want her to get some rest but I know she’s probably still gonna be going through it next episode. When will Dr. Pollard order everyone to be nice to Michael 😢. I’m so glad you’re writing Michael comfort rice because where else is she gonna get it? Not in canon 😭😭😭

lkdjfgsdkldg literally captain pike was like “michael form an away team!!” when michael was on the fucking brink of tears. is the entire crew BLIND or just plain stupid? also now that i think about this moment more, saru just after realizing michael wasn’t okay declined organizing an away mission likely knowing that the responsibility would fall to michael’s shoulders. i’m so fucking exhausted oh my god oh my g

also fdksjhfkls thank you so much! i’m gonna write michael comfort content until i die lmao



From Instagram. Something you didn’t know you needed until now: Saru in a scarf.

➢ Star Trek Discovery | Project Daedalus

saru and ariam: [barry bluejeans voice] michael you have to kill me

I love Saru and Tilly with all of my heart, but they've done the bare minimum to check up on Michael and I am SO UPSET!!! And also AIRIAM ASKING MICHAEL TO KILL HER MAKES IT THE SECOND TIME SOMEONE'S ASKED MICHAEL TO DO SUCH A THING!!!! I'm so glad that Nhan was able to do it so that Michael wouldn't have to. I wonder tho what's gonna happen between them as a result.

As an addendum to my ask earlier, while Saru and Michael (and all of Michael’s other friends) do need to step the eff up and help her, I honestly do believe that had it not been an emergency situation, Saru would have pressed more and checked up on Michael bc he clearly saw her distress from the moment she entered the room. He did what he could in the moment, and Michael didn’t want to go there, and he respected that.

i’m like…exhausted. saru says, “michael, are you alright?” and my entire fucking heart melts because FINALLY someone noticed that michael ISN’T OKAY. but seriously the bar is so low that such a minor, perfunctory check-in made me so incredibly happy. i too would like to think that saru would have engaged in a more thorough check-in, but i trust disco so little with attention to michael’s wellbeing lmao. but tbh i’m gonna still celebrate saru’s acknowledgement of her pain because that is the most we’ve gotten in literally the entire fucking show!!



But hardly an example of by-the-book conflict resolution