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I’ve seen very little comments on the second notable thing about That Scene – that Seven and Raffi seemed to be playing kal-toh. (Maybe?)


You know who we see playing kal-toh in Voyager?


It’s a sad headcannon but I have to say it: Seven and Icheb played kal-toh whenever they met. She didn’t touch the game after he died. Until just now. 







Does this make it official? 🤩


Thing i just realized about Picard: There’s really no spandex in sight. Every female character has practical clothes. Every hair style seems realistic in terms of what they do and the time they have. The one with impractical hair is possibly Elnor?

When Soji have a sweaty task she puts her hair up with a scrunchie or something and has a tank top on. Everyone seems comfortable.

The reason I didn’t think about it while watching is probably that it’s just so realistic it doesn’t seem out of place until you compare it to how it usually is, particularly for female characters.

I mean we can compare it to Seven’s first Borg outfit that actually cut off the blood supply to Jeri’s head making her faint on set. The bar is low but really – I’m glad they finally prioritise the comfort and health of actresses.

I was googling something, idk what, and another common search was “what series is Seven of Nine on?”.

I’m really happy for all these new fans watching Picard and finding Seven interesting, when they can watch 4 seasons of Voyager seeing her origins. It’s not often you get that kind of background for a character!

Dash did a thing…


Seven of Nine aboard the Delta Flyer.

Seven of Nine fights back against Hirogen in the holodeck.

Seven of Nine, tertiary adjunct of unimatrix zero one.