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so used to feral spock that seeing him all cleaned up and baby in that short trek was like. huh

Brief note

Short Treks only air in a relatively small area of the earth and not worldwide. As most of the fans don’t have legal access to them, this blog won’t post anything about them. *shrug*



star trek: short treks | teaser

I’d just like to point out SPOCK’S EYESHADOW

Have you seen the Disco short Calypso? It's the best one but also very possibly is connected to the Red Angel arc, you should check it out.

i have seen it! and i’ve seen a few theories about the ai being connected to the red angel plot but in my personal opinion, idk, i don’t think it fits this season’s narrative?

The Brightest Star | Star Trek Discovery

My place is no longer here. I saw hope in the stars. It was stronger than fear, and I went toward it. – Saru

so saru reminds michael of spock and michael reminds saru of siranna huh 👀 TASTY!!!

fact is i was so distracted by imitating davy jones saying “calypso” that the odyssey allusion for the short trek totally went over my head

Please enjoy this shitty meme I made on my phone in like 5 minutes


Star Trek Discovery 
Silvia Tilly’s reactions in “Runaway