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Spock: Your problem is that you’re too argumentative.
Bones: I’m not argumentative, you’re argumentative!

kirk: my boyfriend left me because I am insecure
kirk: no wait, he’s back
kirk: he just went to the bathroom
bones: go see a vet. you might be a dog

Kirk: Why was six afraid of seven?
Spock: Let us do a proof by induction. Let us suppose n a non negative integer. We wish to show that, for all n, n is afraid of n+1.
Spock: Further let us establish the base case, n=0. By the definition of fear 0 must be afraid of 1, because 123. Now, in the general case, it is immediately apparent that for all n, n MUST be afraid of n+1 because n+1 n+2 n+3
Spock: Am I doing this right?
Bones: wh-
Kirk, quickly: Yes, yes you are.