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I really fucking hope Paul wakes up well and rested in season 3 because first they waited with introducing him and Hugh as a couple and then it was shroom dementia and then Hugh died and then Hugh was depressed and they broke up. They have not had one damn day of a normal relationship between two alive, sane people since like that one toothbrush scene in season 1. AND EVEN THEN we got “Oh btw Paul’s evil twin is in the mirror!”.

I can’t deal with 5 coma episodes before he wakes up. I can’t handle them having one conversation before Hugh gets amnesia or Paul gets stranded somewhere for the rest of the season. 

Please Discovery.


#useless science gay solidarity

Yeah, so I just made like 10 posts around Stamets saying he’s gay because it MATTERS and I didn’t realize how much until he said those words. 





I remember your arms around me. You made me feel safe. Always did.

A Klimt inspired Culmets portrait that I’ll probably never have the time to color properly.

(some of the symbolic elements are explained in the tags)

On the one hand: Give me Culber back NOW.

On the other hand: Paul Stamets hooking up with Pike. 


Looking after a loved one. #StarTrekDiscovery