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My new Holographic Rainbow Star Trek Stickers are here!!!

I’m super excited about how these turned out!! I drew them with a bunch of Trekkie easter eggs like Scotty’s missing finger, Bones’ ring, and Spock’s eye shadow. And then I made the dotted beam up effect and it looks so cool!!

They’re now available on my Etsy. You can get individual characters, mix and match your ships in cheaper sets of 2 or 3, or get the entire crew (8pc) for even cheaper!



McKirk presents for @animetrashmuffin…they know why.

Love you Critter and my heart’s with you right now even if I’m a chronic dumbass.

You are amazing and thank you so much. Same to you always and forever.


A post-Nibiru interlude for @leonamccoybones


i cant believe spock can laugh


Those are some real neat-o facts, doc! (for @darkside-of-the-nerd)


I’ve had this steaming pile of garbage stewing in my head for DAYS. And I couldn’t post it when I finally finished because apparently Tumblr hates my .png files now. FUCK YOU! NOW EVERYONE HAS TO DEAL WITH JPEGS!


Every time I think of you!


[ star children ]

still at the starting point at one end of the universe (on the way to where no one has gone before)



my tired star-trek focused brain just spit out “bones mccoy putting in a request w the federation to have a fish tank installed in the med bay and he fills it with koi fish. when asked he’d say ‘i’m dr McCoy and these are my McKois’” and i haven’t stopped crying

I loved this Idea. Each Koi has a Medical Tricorder.