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Name: U.S.S. Trident

Registry: NCC-31347

Class: Galaxy Class

Captain: Kat Mueller

Year: 2379

Background: Operating out of Starbase Bravo in the Thallonian Sector. During the Paradox Incident, Calhoun aboard Excalibur alerted Mueller to return to Starbase Bravo as he believe the base was under imminent threat, vaguely relaying that they’d seen the station’s upcoming destruction. Upon arrival Admiral Shelby directed the station civilian population to evacuate. A short time later they detected the arrival of the Paradox, the stolen Federation prototype, and an alternate version of Mackenzie Calhoun aboard another ship. They planned to go back to their universe and Starbase Bravo was in their way. Trident engaged the alternate Excalibur but did only minor damage as Paradox concentrated on the station. The station took heavy damage until the alternate Calhoun had a change of heart and attacked Paradox instead. Both versions of Excalibur and Trident combined their attack on Paradox and destroyed it. 

Appeared in Star Trek: New Frontier “Turnaround” Issues 2, 4, and 5, IDW Comics

Deep Space Station K-12

Profile: Federation Space Station, K-Series DSS Platform, located near the Romulan Neutral Zone. Sector Command and R&R facilities. 

Pictured: The Enterprise arrives at Deep Space Station K-12 for minor repairs after the phasing cloak mishap in 2269.

Appeared in Star Trek: Year Four “The Enterprise Experiment” issue 2-3, IDW Comics

Name: Cheron

Type: D-7 Stormbird

Affiliation: Romulan Star Empire

Year: 2269

Background: Worked in tandem with Chiarvanek’s Bird-of-Prey in securing the Enterprise during the Federation Starship’s cloaking device tests. Chased them around a pulsar but Their weapons couldn’t keep a lock because of the gravimetric interference. Cheron could not escape the pulsar’s gravity well when the Enterprise went to warp and the stormbird was destroyed.

Appeared in Star Trek: Year Four “The Enterprise Experiment” issue 2, IDW Comics

Name: Excalibur

Year: 2379

Captain: Mackenzie Calhoun

Background: From an aternate universe. Calhoun, a former Romulan slave, acquired the vessel by killing the former crew and placed himself in charge. McHenry is the core of the ship. He rebelled against the Alliance that dominated his galaxy. 

In 2379 they were ambushed by the Alliance fleet and barely escaped. They took heavy casualties including Calhoun’s lover, Soleta. A spatial rupture appeared before them and dumped them into another universe (the prime one). 

They spent weeks learning about this universe McHenry showing him this universe’s version of himself and wanted to make his universe better. They went looking for potential allies to bring home with them and learned of Paradox, the Daystrom Institute’s prototype. Jellico (one of Calhoun’s officers) concocted a plan to use the Paradox to fulfil his vision, to remake their galaxy into a better version.

 Some time later they met up with the stolen Paradox, which Morgan Primus (a sentient being existing as Prime Excalibur’s computer system) tried to infiltrate this Excalibur’s computer systems but ran afoul of that McHenry, who jolted her out of the ship and crashed her everywhere she was. Calhoun took the Prime Jellico and Soleta on his ship as prisoners. Both Excalibur and Paradox travelled to where the rift to their universe would reopen, which happened to be just off Starbase Bravo. They asked the base and Trident to stand down and they would be allowed to live, they refused. They were met by Prime Excalibur and that Calhoun. 

McHenry took him and the other Calhoun out of play so that his counterpart could convince him that remaking the Galaxy was a bad idea. Eventually he relented, especially when faced with losing another Elizabeth Shelby, whose station was being mercilessly pounded by Paradox. When he returned, Calhoun ordered Jellico to stand down. He refused, and both Excaliburs as well as Trident attacked and destroyed Paradox, McHenry beamed off Jellico just before Paradox exploded. Soleta and Jellico (prime) were beamed off Excalibur when their shields were down. Calhoun and his crew returned to their own universe. McHenry told Calhoun he had forced the confrontation between him and his double in the hopes that he would abandon the Paradox plan, because although he had the power to, he would never say no to Calhoun.

Appeared in Star Trek: New Frontier “Turnaround” Issues 3-5, IDW Comics

Romulan Shuttle

Profile: Auxiliary craft typically attached to Romulan starships. A Bird of Prey will carry at least three. Impulse power only, comparable to Federation shuttles of the era. 

Pictured: A Romulan shuttlecraft filled with a boarding party crash lands on the Enterprise’s hangar deck circa 2269.

Appeared in Star Trek: Year Four “The Enterprise Experiment” issue 2.

Pacer Ship

Profile: Starfleet Scout, equipped with warp drive and basic shuttle weaponry. Used in conjunction with Daystrom Institute Prototypes

Pictured: The Pacer Ship witnessing the return of Paradox, a prototype that disappeared for 19 minutes.

Appeared in Star Trek: New Frontier “Turnaround,” issue 1

Alien Spacedock

Profile: Origin unknown, techno-organic. Potentially automated.

Pictured: The alien spacedock injecting something into the stolen starship Paradox, upgrading the ship with weapons. 

Appeared in Star Trek: New Frontier “Turnaround” issue 2, IDW comics. Likely the same type of automated station from the Enterprise episode “Dead Stop”

Name: Spectre

Affiliation: Romulan

Captain: Legate Soleta

Year: 2379

Crew: 2

Background: Legate Soleta’ ship. Cloaking Device, Ion Glide Drive for silent running. About the size of a Galaxy-class saucer. Operating under cloak when they found the alien drydock that stole Paradox, an experimental Federation starship that had been stolen by Admiral Jellico. They approached under cloak but were spotted anyway and four versions of the same ship surrounded them. Once Jellico saw Soleta he had her beamed aboard his ship. Tribune Lucius was left in command of a powerless starship until Excalibur showed up, following Paradox’s trail. Excalibur’s crew cleaned the computer virus from the ship but when it was evident Paradox was going to reach Bravo station Calhoun released Lucius back to his ship on the condition that they would back them up, he agreed. He shadowed Excalibur and stayed out of the fight, but kept track of Paradox and Soleta. When the opportunity presented itself he beamed Soleta (and Jellico, incidentally) off the alternate Excalibur while their shields were down.

Appeared in Star Trek: New Frontier “Turnaround” issue 2,3,5 IDW Comics

Starbase Bravo

Profile: Federation Starbase located near the old Thallonian border. Moderate-sized modular space station, similar to Jupiter Station in design but half the size. Admiral Shelby is station commander. Home base of the starships Excalibur and Trident

Pictured: Starbase Bravo circa 2379 right before a major battle with Paradox that would cripple the station.

Appeared in Star Trek New Frontier: Turnaround, issues 1,2,4 5, IDW Comics.

Name: U.S.S. Excalibur

Registry: NCC-26517-A

Class: Galaxy-class

Year: 2379

Affiliation: Starfleet

Captain: Mackenzie Calhoun

Background: The ship’s computer is merged with the intelligence of Morgan Primus. Recalled from Starbase Bravo after it appeared that Admiral Jellico had stolen the prototype starship Paradox. Orders were to initially shadow the stolen starship but a vision from Mark McHenry (an alternate version who had possibly gone insane with his Q-like powers) showed Paradox destroying Starbase Bravo with his wife (and base commander) Elizabeth Shelby. 

Calhoun immediately ordered Kat Mueller and Trident to rush to the station to protect his wife while he got to the bottom of the Paradox theft. They caught up with a disabled Romulan scout, and took aboard its sole occupant, a Romulan officer named Lucius. While he was subjected to Kebron’s vacation pictures, they downloaded the data of that’s ship’s encounter with Paradox and cleared a virus that had been left in that ship. 

They received a message from Soleta, aboard Paradox and Morgan Primus used that to break a piece of herself into that ship, she had done so earlier to warn her daughter that Paradox might be headed for New Thallon. When Paradox seemed parked near Bravo, they released Lucius to his ship on the condition that he helped them when the fight came, he agreed. 

The Alternate McHenry found Morgan on Paradox, trapped and tortured her. As a result, she vanished completely from everywhere she was and essentially left Excalibur without a computer system. Calhoun and his counterpart were taken away from their respective ships to by Alt-McHenry to open alternate Calhoun’s mind as to why using Paradox to rewrite his galaxy would be bad. 

The computer crash left Excalibur unable to manoeuvre but they were still able to join in the fight and destroy Paradox, with the help of Trident the alternate Excalibur.

Appeared in Star Trek: New Frontier “Turnaround” issues 1-5. First introduced in the New Frontier novels after the original Excalibur was destroyed.