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NEW S3 Promotional Artwork


i’m not a star trek discovery fan i’m a what’s past is prologue fan

spock is like yes i hate michael yes she is my best friend in the entire galaxy do you have a problem with that

*thinks about how ash tyler is the only character in season 2 who provided space for michael to be emotionally vulnerable*

god u ever just remember how painful michael and spock’s relationship is

*ash tyler

i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. michael’s type is JOCK with a heart of GOLD.

I love Tilly with my whole damn heart, and I am still pissed at what the writers did to her and Michael in s2. That was so out of character, I can't even express it. I personally would like to re-write s2 and give everyone the Tilly being loyal and supportive of Michael content that MICHAEL DESERVES!!! And also Tilly protesting Michael wanting to die because Michael is her best friend! She can't lose her!!! God, I'm angry all over again. I've decided that bull isn't canon and that's that on that

yeah…. it was pretty terrible lol. i’m really glad that you are feeling the drive to create better content!! it’s what they deserve, honestly

[chanting] lanham rises lanham rises lanham rises

LANHAM 2K20!!!