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When is Star Trek Discovery season 3 coming to Netflix? What’s the plot and is there a trailer?: undefined

2 new “Star Trek” trailers released: undefined

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Updates on a number of projects! Section 31, Nickelodeon, Picard season 2, Discovery season 3!

honestly…. and watching her have the same hairstyle for like 6 years on twd… thank you star trek discovery

yeah dflkasjdfskfhjsd like GOD we’re gonna get at least three totally different hairstyles and we’ve been so fucking blessed

Full recap of all the DISCOVERY season 3 news from NYCC.

Thank uuuuuu for the teaser, i couldnt watch it! But now i have, and my life od better! Michael Burnham cleared my crops candy watered my skin!


Tbh I'm so glad they included Sonequa's new hair style into the show instead of forcing her to change it


anon u are absolutely right

omg i just got a glance at the shots of michael and her hair changing and i- kjfdfdjf i need to finish the finale before i can see any of that

fdkjlfhsldkj it’s just like. i’m never fully prepared to see sonequa martin-green on my screen but i was so incredibly unprepared to see her yesterday that i think i’m still in a haze of delighted shock. GOD. those three shots of her. i could literally look at them for the rest of my life