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“It was really fun to see Anson putting this on for the first time. At our first fitting, he was really excited. We were excited.”
Star Trek: Discovery costume designer Gersha Phillips on reimagining the Starfleet costumes of Star Trek: The Original Series after the Enterprise was introduced in the Season 1 finale (ST:D Season 2 DVD extra features)

Phillips: “I think what we ended up doing was really great because we already had a collar that was asymmetrical, and it had V in it and it had kind of a nod back to The Original Series when you put the new colors in with it. So, I think the combination of the two things were really great and worked really well.

Originally because we didn’t know who our Pike was going to be, we did do two golds that we had. We had one that was a little darker gold and so we tested on Anson when he was cast and we went with the brighter gold, which I love, and he looks great in it. With our compression panels, we tried the metallics as well first and it just didn’t look very good, so we did the self-color compression panels on the side. Those are the puff lines on the side that we got printed here.” ( interview, June 9 2019)

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i’m not a star trek discovery fan i’m a what’s past is prologue fan

spock is like yes i hate michael yes she is my best friend in the entire galaxy do you have a problem with that