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garakworf nation now is our time

worf is like i HATE garak he has NO honor 😠 while holding garak’s hand

they hated her because she told them the truth

y’all gonna make me become the ceo and spokesperson of garakworf huh




Here’s a fun fact from Memory Alpha about this scene:

Characters I love: Deanna! I made fun of her a lot when I was originally watching the show as a kid but going back I stg she's the only adult on the crew and she's always so willing to lend a hand to help others. Also Kira! Love Kira so much for finding her strength

deanna is the only person in tng i trust with my whole entire heart wow big mood bro. and KIRA GOD don’t even get me STARTED!!

My favorite character is quickly growing to be Julian Bashir because of how he relates to the world around him. My original favorite is McCoy because of his love of life and kindness despite his gruff exterior. I like the doctors.

omg i LOVE julian he is such a sdjfghlqwfghj incredible character!! and ofc mccoy is a GOD TIER trek character. god the doctors are just so wonderful!!!

A huge list of DS9 actors will reprise roles in Star Trek Online: undefined