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i really liked the new ep and i really hate to be this person but if they don't start upping elnor's screen time i can't be held responsible for my actions (also how come he couldn't have a feathery hat or an eyepatch let that child LIVE)

OH I KNOW. everybody’s got like individual narratives so far except elnor. i mean experiencing the galaxy for the first time is such a wonderful character set-up, and i feel like it’s only been used for comedic effect so far. ALSO YEAH WHY DIDN’T THEY GIVE ELNOR A CAPE. WHY DID THEY NOT GIVE HIM A SPARKLY CAPE. JUSTICE FOR MY BOY!!



Seven of Nine: What the hell are you doing out here, Picard? Besides being in way over your head? 
Picard: I’m looking for someone. Does that surprise you?
Seven of Nine: I assumed it must be some kind of misguided diplomatic mission. Saving the galaxy?
Picard: There may be a bit of that, too.

one of my fav moments of the episode was when elnor was like “i dont have anyone to be :(” and picard was like “be elnor! 🙂 !”

not to be That Guy but where are the gay people in picard

Easter Eggs from the latest Picard: a bar on Free Cloud is owned by and named for it’s name-dropped proprietor, “Mister Quark of Ferenginar”!

Free Cloud is also home to “Mr. Mot`s Hair Emporium” – Mr. Mot was the barber aboard the Enterprise D.

Blogging the screenshot of the Instagram post by Picard season 1 showrunner Michael Chabon of our own tweet.