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a scientist and an icon

But how can you leave out the line where our girl says “You didnt really think I was in love with you?”

Shit was iconic

here you go:




what’s your favorite star trek alien? i’ll go first. Horta.

#is there any way to top the horta?

you’re entirely right. post cancelled.

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Nerdy Fact #1501: The producers of Star Trek included scenes of overt sexuality to deflect the focus of NBC’s Broadcast Standards Office censors from other controversial aspects in certain episodes, like blatant allegories of the Vietnam war and racism.




so my grandma died recently, and my parents have been dealing with the quantities of Stuff accumulated over the course of her and my grandpa’s lives, which could be interesting on its own as a family matter, but, well, grandpa was a science fiction writer, and they knew a lot of science fiction writers, which means a lot of the stuff is classic sci-fi and fantasy. books, artwork, that kind of thing. what i had not realized, but perhaps should have predicted, was that knowing a lot of science fiction writers in the ‘60s meant that they knew people who had written for this one TV show in the ‘60s that some science fiction writers worked on, and these people liked to share stuff.

what i’m saying is that i have now held in my hands one of the original, physical scripts for the star trek episode “amok time”.

it was like holding a piece of history. my own hands, carefully cradling the origin of sex pollen and fuck or die. a work whose influence went far behind what the writer could have expected–sacred, almost, in its way. who knows how much spawned from this episode? how much fanfiction would never have existed were it not for this holy text? indeed, the very concept of slash itself? an artifact, a priceless relic, sitting on my parents’ couch.

i haven’t seen the entirety of the episode itself, so i don’t know if there are any real differences between the script and what was aired, but i had to skim it anyway–and i did find something that is perhaps worth mentioning, whether or not this actually counts as canon. but hey, hard to get more canon than an Actual Official Script, right?


also, this:

thanks for specifying “karate-type”, theodore sturgeon. coulda gotten confusing, that.

anyway, it was a deeply surreal experience and i’m pretty sure the script is getting donated someplace with a lot of the other stuff, but man, my grandparents were cool

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Isaac Livengood





listen but where is the tos ep where rand’s hair becomes sentient

bold of you to assume it wasn’t the whole time



Yeah, 1960′s TV censorship rules were a bitch, but them not being allowed to say “fuck” made this show so much funnier

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Star Trek Novels Return in 2019