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Captain James T. Kirk (retired)

Without DC Fontana, we wouldn’t have the Star Trek we all love now.  I’m so very glad she brought some humanity and character to Gene Roddenberry’s vision and I’m sorry I never got to meet her and tell her how much I loved her work.

Chekov and Scotty on the bridge of the Enterprise B.


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these are terrible quality pictures but i love how when the murderous gaseous creature starts coming through the vent and the lever to close it breaks spock just fucking puts his hands over it to try to stop it jskdkdhska



Enterprise: *about to crash and kill everyone aboard because someone got high off space water*

Kevin Riley:


I’ll take you home again, Kathleen

ok but you know how the talosians could’ve kept pike captive in “the cage”/“the menagerie”? they could’ve just created an illusion where he escaped with vina. they could just keep an ongoing running illusion of him captaining the enterprise and continuing on his journey and he would’ve never known the difference