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ploppythespaceship: Reg Barclay + technobabbl…


Reg Barclay + technobabble

“Reg, you’re losing me. The beginning.”

Bonus: fake technobabble


Bones: Did you ever have intercourse on the Enterprise?
Kirk: [expression implies ‘yes’]
Bones: Are you serious? Ugh. Where?
Kirk: [stares at Bones]
Bones: Where?
Kirk: [expression implies ‘on the command deck’]
Bones: [voice breaks] Where, Jim?
Kirk: … seems like you already know where.

Chakuun Ghostship

Chakuun Ghostship

Profile: Powerful warships of the Chakuun, Shocktroops of the Tholian Assembly. Designed by the Tholians for their client race. Primary weapon is a fusion caster designed for planetary bombardment. Shields are in a layered design.

Pictured: The Chakuun Ghost Fleet prepare to engage the Starfleet Task Force at Theta Kalyb in 2254.

Appeared in Star Trek: Early Voyages #10-11, Marvel Comics

computer, analysis

computer, analysis



Kenneth Mitchell on Twitter

Kenneth Mitchell on Twitter: undefined

Computer, Congratulate Star Trek: Discovery On…

Computer, Congratulate Star Trek: Discovery On Its Five Saturn Award Nominations – undefined

Picard, Troi, Worf and Data beam down to Venta…

Picard, Troi, Worf and Data beam down to Ventax II.


Apparently, CBS All Access is free this week due to basketball? Haven’t confirmed this, but might be worth checking out for anyone who is interested in binging Star Trek Discovery.


Spock: It is odd that we keep meeting each other in every universe.
Kirk: Maybe it means something.
Spock: I doubt it.
Kirk: Yeah, I didn’t think so.