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bones, smacking bread onto both sides of kirk’s head: what are you?
kirk: a snack
bones: No.



Over at my ‘Trek Novels Of The 1980s’ blog, They Boldly Wrote, there’s a post titled “’The Abode Of Life’ is a thoroughly mediocre Season 3 episode that somehow lasts over 200 pages.”

That kind of sums it up, but I’m hoping you’ll go read my words anyway.


The Good Kirk

spock: i try to be understanding of the captain’s feelings but there’s always so many of them

To be honest, being in isolation with Spock would be easier for me than being stuck with Jim. I’m an introvert by nature and Jim is a lot more tactile than I like

Pros of being in quarantine with Spock: Actual silence for as long as you want, good at “parallel play,” occasional philosophical discussions

Cons: Not so great if you have any emotions about your situation

Pros of being in quarantine with Jim: Actual hugs when you’re down, so much talking you can’t even think about being sad, very sweet and conversant in a range of subjects, will physically fight a virus so it doesn’t hurt you

Cons: WILL YOU SHUT UP FOR 30 SECONDS and you can’t punch a virus. No, not even with both fists clasped together.

Pros of being in quarantine with Bones: Actual booze, takes care of you, cured the virus 30 minutes ago 

Cons: Tests vaccine on himself suddenly and without warning


“It was really fun to see Anson putting this on for the first time. At our first fitting, he was really excited. We were excited.”
Star Trek: Discovery costume designer Gersha Phillips on reimagining the Starfleet costumes of Star Trek: The Original Series after the Enterprise was introduced in the Season 1 finale (ST:D Season 2 DVD extra features)

Phillips: “I think what we ended up doing was really great because we already had a collar that was asymmetrical, and it had V in it and it had kind of a nod back to The Original Series when you put the new colors in with it. So, I think the combination of the two things were really great and worked really well.

Originally because we didn’t know who our Pike was going to be, we did do two golds that we had. We had one that was a little darker gold and so we tested on Anson when he was cast and we went with the brighter gold, which I love, and he looks great in it. With our compression panels, we tried the metallics as well first and it just didn’t look very good, so we did the self-color compression panels on the side. Those are the puff lines on the side that we got printed here.” ( interview, June 9 2019)


TNG cast get together, apart.