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One thing I love about this episode is how they cut all the legal and philosophical arguments being deployed initially down to a level of fundamental morality.

What mattered wasn’t whether or not Data has achieved some vague condition of “sapience” or “consciousness”, concepts vaguely defined and ultimately unprovable (as Picard put it “prove that I’m conscious”), but rather, the moral matter.  Do we want a future where slavery is revived, or do we want a future of continued equality?

Measure of A Man is the best STNG episode.

I love that they put these words in the mouth of an alien played by a black woman,  an alien who has, in this story, never known this kind of racial discrimination, but whose appearance must remind someone as educated and socially aware as Picard of what used to happen down on his home planet, specifically to people who looked exactly like Guinan.

And that he, SJW that he is (oh he is) hadn’t come to this very obvious conclusion on his own is a very nice example of how unchecked privilege can deceive us.

nalyne: Star Trek or Porno 


Star Trek or Porno 



One thing I miss in Star Trek is contemporary popular culture.

I mean, yeah I get that everyone has read Shakespeare. Everyone likes movies from the 1950’s. But where are the 23rd century romantic comedies? The 22nd century holo-adventures?

The benefit of having such a vast universe as Star Trek is that there’s nothing stopping them from having one character be really into listening to Bolian jagalaggaflaxen pop. Some other characters could have a heated debate on who’s going to win the finale of that reality show on Balancar where one of the contestants are partly eaten every week.

Where are the celebrities? Not everyone in Starfleet will have a picture of Zefram Cochrane on the wall in their quarters. There has to be people that attend concerts, read new books and read trashy magazines to find out if Bkex and Marla Quartz are having a baby.

References I like to this effect: B’Elanna reading Klingon romance. Julian and Garak discussing modern theatre.


Bones: You’re just like a thief.
Kirk: Am not. Thieves don’t always obey rules, are people you wouldn’t usually suspect, have groups of people like gangs, and actually if it’s okay with you I’ll just stop talking right now.

The Last Romulan Dreadnaught

The Last Romulan Dreadnaught

Profile: The final ship of the current production line of dreadnaughts. The line was being retired after the development of the new Ghost Ship (Birds of Prey). Improvements were made over time which each vessel launch and is substantially different than previous versions.

Pictured: The Last Dreadnaught being attacked by a Ghost Ship in the 2260s and proven to be no match to the newest ship. Incidentally killed an opponent of the current Praetor.

Appeared in Star Trek Alien Spotlight: Romulans (II), IDW Comics





Star Trek: TOS 1.28, The City on the Edge of Forever

Speaking of the lack of new music in Star Trek…

Speaking of the lack of new music in Star Trek, here’s that scene in Voyager where Doc gets to listen to youthful, Klingon tunes. 



this took way too long to draw considering how dumb it is




what is mirrorverse pon farr even like is it like cuddling, romantic dinners, tender spooning, embarrassing poetry, rose petals and saxophone music?

and yeah what if the koon-ut-kal-if-fee was a fierce dance off