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humans are fun like that

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k so i’m probably one of enterprise’s biggest fans but i will be the first to admit that the writers dropped the ball BIG TIME on that one. i mean let’s look at what the show had going for it: great concept, compelling characters and back stories, 4 series and several movies worth of previous canon to pull from, interesting aliens, etc. and what did they do with all those great tools and building blocks? they did…. that. if you’ve seen enterprise you know what i mean. so here’s a list of major things i think the writers should have done differently (spoilers ahead):

– make malcolm reed canonically gay

– THAT FUCKING COGENITOR EPISODE. NO. but honestly i was on board for like almost the whole episode thinking it was going to turn out to be one of my favorites because i expected that when the cogenitor asked for asylum archer would say yes and end up making an enemy out of the whole species but sticking to his decision anyway because it’s the right thing to do. but instead we got… that. so let’s just pretend my version happened instead ok? let’s not think about the real ending

– trip doesn’t die. like what kind of bullshit was that? what purpose did it serve?? shock value right at the end as the series was ending??? no thank you

– reed is actually gay in canon

– more xindi. like, after the whole xindi storyline thing. because 6 sentient species on one planet?? i want to hear more about that. i want to know more about their culture. once everything was resolved and they weren’t the bad guys anymore, i wish we’d gotten to see more of them

– malcolm reed is gay

– t’pol gets a uniform or at least some regular vulcan clothes instead of a catsuit

– lieutenant reed and major hayes are gay and they are dating

– ok i saw a post one time but i can’t find it anymore so if anybody can find it please tell me because they deserve the credit for this idea but instead of zephram cochrane shooting the vulcans when they land (as much as i love that) what if the terran empire in the mirrorverse rises because of xenophobia after the xindi attack? the showed aired only a few short years after 9/11 which triggered a lot of racism/hatred against middle eastern people and muslims or even just people who LOOK like they could be middle eastern or muslim and i know they had that parallel with the xenophobia against phlox even though his people were in no way part of the attack but following that up with having it turn into the terran empire would’ve sent a potent message about where that kind of bigotry and prejudice can lead


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todgast:‒ Well, no doubt you’ll have your boys…


‒ Well, no doubt you’ll have your boys take this pod apart piece by piece once it’s back in the launch bay.
‒ I’d feel a lot more comfortable having everything in working order by the time Enterprise gets back.

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