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i kinda want someone to write a story where these are the same person

star trek au where this is jim and spock!!!!!

jim and spock go to college together and are both secretly in love with each other and then later jim joins the navy and they lose touch and then jim notices someone eyeing him and he doesn’t realize at first that it’s spock

ok i need to stop now and go to bed before i accidentally write a whole fanfic

every time i watch the trouble with tribbles i fall in love with it all over again. everything about that episode is perfection but kirk in particular is peak

these are terrible quality pictures but i love how when the murderous gaseous creature starts coming through the vent and the lever to close it breaks spock just fucking puts his hands over it to try to stop it jskdkdhska

an incomplete list of planets visited in TOS

– 1920s gangster planet

– halloween planet

– 1960s post apocalyptic w/ no adults

– garden of eden but run by a machine??

– gladiators

– mt. olympus

– 1800s cult but run by a machine

feel free to add more

remember that TOS episode that started with a giant floating hand in space and then that wasn’t even the craziest thing to happen in the episode

ok but you know how the talosians could’ve kept pike captive in “the cage”/“the menagerie”? they could’ve just created an illusion where he escaped with vina. they could just keep an ongoing running illusion of him captaining the enterprise and continuing on his journey and he would’ve never known the difference

ok but in the TOS episode “miri” they make a huge dramatic deal at the beginning about the planet being /exactly/ like earth, right down to the continents and then it has absolutely nothing to do with the plot??? it’s never explained or even mentioned again for the rest of the episode???




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