Category: swearing

Twenty-five years ago I was in my local bookstore, browsing the Weird Humour shelf that was sort of tucked away in the back corner. I came across a book called The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales. It made me laugh so hard that I sat on the ground, wheezing, and the people working at the store came over to make sure that I was okay.

My goal ever since has been to do the same to someone else. On Tuesday, October 15th I’ll get my shot: my book Effin’ Birds: A Field Guide to Identification hits bookstores. It’s an offshoot of @effinbirds, a thing I do on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook and of course here on Tumblr. But in expanding it into a book I accidentally turned it into an accounting of everyone who has ever wronged me in my life. Even the dedication settles a score:

So, 25 years later, happy book birthday to me! And if you believe in fate or destiny or anything like that, I realized as I grabbed the link to the Stinky Cheese Man that we share the same publisher. How perfect is that?