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They did mylvia dirty in s2 😔😔😔 I deadass thought something might happen between them until my hopes were crushed. I miss them. I hope they bring mylvia back in s3…

mylvia in the first half of s2? amazing, transformative, tender, hopeful, full of yearning and potential. mylvia in the second half of s2? uninspired, dull, painful, traitorous,,,

if they redeem it in s3, there will have to be some really strong reconciliation imo. like. they pretty much erased their importance to each other until that brief scene in the finale. god. i’m still upset about that huh


Star Trek Discovery | Season 3

And action!

Star Trek Discovery | Season 3

That hope is you, Commander Burnham.

sylvia tilly in season 2 episode 10: just found out about michael’s death… damn that shit sucks…

For art requests: Tilly/Landry/Michael fluff or Pirate!Joyla


they went to a party


Thank you very much! Tonight’s Michael Love Fest doodle features Mylvia and forehead kisses.