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Star Trek Discovery | Season 3

And action!

Star Trek Discovery | Season 3

That hope is you, Commander Burnham.

sylvia tilly in season 2 episode 10: just found out about michael’s death… damn that shit sucks…

For art requests: Tilly/Landry/Michael fluff or Pirate!Joyla


they went to a party


Thank you very much! Tonight’s Michael Love Fest doodle features Mylvia and forehead kisses.

I'm going to be cosplaying Tilly in a couple months. I was online searching for a wig, but was having trouble finding one that was the right texture/color. After like half an hour with no luck I just googled "Merida cosplay wig" and immediately found like 3 lace front wigs that were perfect

dfkjglaskjdkjd holy shit i absolutely believe that oh my god. tilly and merida’s hair really are hella similar!!

we rly could’ve had it all


feel like pure shit just want s1 mylvia back