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Sonequa Martin-Green, Mary Wiseman, Mary Chieffo, Wilson Cruz, Bo Yeon Kim and Ted Sullivan from Star Trek: Discovery, getting together to watch Black Panther.

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Ted Sullivan Talks Mirror Universe And ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2 In Twitter Q&A: undefined

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Interview: Ted Sullivan Talks Star Trek: Discovery’s Not-Holodeck, Lorca’s Damage, And More:

“It was really important to us to tell that story. It moves Michael
forward and helps focus her character. It’s taken some audience members
time to get used to this. Normally characters in Star Trek are fully
realized. Kirk is Kirk. Riker is Riker. No one in Discovery is
fully realized yet. You can see characters changing as a direct result
of the events of each episode. They’re “discovering” who they are. And
so is the Federation and Starfleet. They all thought they knew who they
were, but that confidence is tested by the war.”

Ted Sullivan on Twitter

Ted Sullivan on Twitter

Inside Star Trek Discovery’s mission to bring hope back to TV:

“We’re trying to do a Star Trek that represents modern day
society, which is we have to find a way to interact and learn and be and
coexist,” Sullivan says. “The more that everyone, whether it’s the
Federation or the Klingons, dig in and say, ‘Not in my backyard’, that’s
a problem, because in the end, it’s everyone’s backyard. Our hope is
that this story represents where we are, and where we can go, in a
hopeful way because Star Trek at it’s core is a very hopeful series.”

EXCLUSIVE: Ted Sullivan On Canon Challenge Of Fitting ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Between ‘Enterprise’ and TOS:

Enterprise did a lot of scrambling and covering and patching up things, which I think worked for that show. It is hard to be in the middle between that show and TOS. [Discovery staff writer and “Keeper of the canon”] Kirsten Beyer will probably tell you the most arguments she and I have had are me saying “Wait, we can’t do that because of something on Enterprise?” But, we respect that. Enterprise is canon and it’s tough and it was a constantly shifting show.

“But, what I am really proud of is that this show stands on its own. Maybe the sets look a little different. Maybe the props look a little different. Technology has changed, but that is what Star Trek is. Star Trek is about evolving and adapting and showing what is happening in the world and adapting new technology.”

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