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nuh uh fellas i come pop my head in here to find not one of you posting terry in the captain’s chair at trekonderoga this weekend? lord alive what has broken in this space

fellas. im serious. you gotta get it together out here




When Jadzia was killed off, I was angry at Terry for leaving. When she got the role in the sitcom “Becker” so quickly it looked to an outsider much like she said. Or that a better offer came along and she’d abandoned DS9. But I was wrong, like a lot of people back then.

A few years ago she said for the first time I can recall that she’d wanted to stay in a reduced role. And that the powers that be said “No, all or nothing.” I couldn’t believe it. I was so mad at all of them; Behr, Moore, Berman.

But it wasn’t all of them. Not Moore. Not Behr. It was just Berman and/or the studio. But the others didn’t even know what was going on! No one but Terry and Berman knew.

Berman of course denies it, but then what do you expect? There are dozens of stories about him being difficult and anal. None about Terry being difficult or greedy. Terry willingly gave up acting for over a decade to raise her son, and is only just now trying to get back into things.

Oh and that last paragraph from Berman? How you can’t do a reduced role because you want to do movies? Yeah. Colm Meaney had that arrangement from day one. They arranged his shooting schedule to give him weeks off at a time. So he could keep doing film roles. So that’s just a fucking blatant lie from Berman.

I really hope no one lets this stuff alter their love for Trek. You see here that the other creative people on DS9 didn’t know about what was happening and were outraged to find out after. That they would have stopped it.

Ira Behr, whom I’ve always respected, became visibly ill according to Terry herself. I’ve no doubt he’d have quit in protest if he’d known at the time what was happening. So let that be the thing you remember most: that whatever horse shit Berman might have done, there were good people who did stand up to him (on other occasions) and would have here if they’d known.

In TNG, Gates McFadden was fired for season 2 by Maurice Hurley for complaining about sexism. Patrick Stewart threatened to quit if she wasn’t brought back and Hurley let go. There are many examples of the good people standing up for what was right on the various Trek shows. Remember that. Remember all the good. It doesn’t erase the bad, but it shows that good people who care can make a difference and do more often than not.

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